Do you like the honoring system?

At first I thout it was nice. But now I think it’s just BS
This honoring system is gonna create instability
Amongs the guildis in the guild. Ppl are now more active in the chat. And I dont see it as a good thing. But more as a pressure. To get honors. But do they really wants to chat? Nope. they dont.
Its creating a fake conunicatatin.
I known we all have a free choice. To communicat or not. Just do it for the right reasons. That you legitimately wanna chat.
Might be psychological test from the devs who
But I dont like it.

Do you guys like where this honor system is going?


I find it useful the same as the osom MVP feature but aslong dont give “gamebreaking” stuff (like stats points or so) i dont mind it.

After all isnt whole online world now all about likes and “virtual popularity”? why GoW shouldnt have his own too?

But let ppls have fun with it and race to be the first on this or that ;3

Ps: i am just giving 1 point a day to the Bossy Boss and to a guildy in order, idc much about who’s more or less chatty.

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Short answer: no.

Long answer: paraphrased from guild’s Discord…
“Increase regular rewards/currency gained based on an arbitrary system like this with lots of invisible moving parts…”
“this is the exact kind of thing that should be cosmetic only. Except if it was cosmetic only I would never pay attention to it.
So it shouldn’t be what it is, but if it was what it should be then it wouldn’t be worth doing in the first place.”


As long as it’s not game breaking, I don’t mind it.
A couple of gem keys, event keys and some K gold are hardly gamebreaking nowadays anyway.

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I don’t really mind about it since the rewards aren’t big enough to make a difference, i know i will reach max level eventually but it’s not my main goal

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Honor system = politics
We the people decide what it is by how we use it.



The more I think about it - I don’t feel there is a satisfactory (for me personally) reason to justify existence of such system; also, there shouldn’t be any usable rewards regardless of how small, insignificant and bearing no impact: either they’re cosmetic or no rewards at all.
(As the proverb goes - give the devil your little finger…)


At 2 honor per day, no. That’s far too restricting.

It should open up to honor anyone you feel like in pvp defense. (once per day for each different person that renews at reset.). If you’re sick of a broken meta, don’t honor them and just thumbs up all the ones you like.

Can’t target your own guild like this either, so its less likely to be system breaking.


It’s going to be really, really good for the top players in each guild, as they’re the most likely to get daily honor points from the rest of the guild. They get new rewards!

Everyone else just has to try and figure out which defense team is most likely to get honor from the people who don’t exclusively use it for guildmates.

Tying it to rewards was a mistake.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a good way to troll. We learned today if someone reaches the highest level, their game starts crashing. So hurry up and promote your most-hated foe!


If honor points never go away the system is already doomed to uselessness.

It takes 180 honor points to cap out your rank. Picture a group of 3 people, A B and C. Each day A gives a point to B and C, B gives a point to A and C, and C gives a point to A and B. In total each person gives out 2 points and gets 2 points. In 90 days all three with have their rank maxed. The same logic applies to a group of any size. For a guild of 30 people, as long as each member gives out every point they get and nobody gives points to someone already capped, the entire guild will be done in 90 days. Same for every guild out there.

Figure by mid July we’ll see many organized guilds having all members capped.
By mid August not so organized guilds will be capping out.
By the end of the year the system will be pointless as everybody will be at max.

If they add a degrade to it, so you lose points over time, then there are three outcomes:
You lose 1 point per day (or less), and it just prolongs to the time cap out by 50% and requires daily action to maintain.
You lose 2 points per day, and the system is zero-sum, meaning nobody can gain without someone else losing.
You lose more than 2 points per day, and it is pointless to try as you decay faster than you can gain so everybody trends back to nothing.

Overall, the system is short sighted, poorly designed, and fails to meet the intended goals (a way to thumbs up people for doing something positive)

How I wished it worked - 4.3 Update (Patch Notes)


I do not like it because reaching Exemplary has caused the game to crash every time it loads up…

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I just realized the thing I hate the most, especially if the game lets you give honor to someone at max rank.

I’m going to single out Tacet, not out of disrespect but because he’s very popular and does a lot for GoW. That tells me lots of people, even people not in his guild, are going to give him honor. He deserves it! This is a good thing!

But eventually he’ll have maximum honor. If the game lets people give him honor past that… a bad thing happens. That honor doesn’t help Tacet anymore. He can’t get more rewards. That honor could help one of Tacet’s buddies he likes. But it’s not. It goes to the void and is wasted.

(Also it currently crashes his game because of course it does.)

So this is all moot if you can’t give honor to someone maxed out (I’m not sure if you can.) But the whole system seems really frustrating. It’s undeniable it’s a popularity contest. But you can’t just “be a good citizen” and get popular. There’s some intersections of hard work and luck involved.

So it all comes back to “there are resource rewards for having honor”. That will put a bitter taste in the mouths of people who won’t get honor because everyone’s busy throwing theirs at people who don’t need help. Heck, there are people who make really useful posts here I’d love to honor, but I have no clue how to get the profile of a random person so I can’t. All I can do is pray I see them in PvP one day I guess? But I’ll have 0 honor to give when that happens sooooo…


You make a very valid point regarding the capping out of Honor. And it is already happening very quickly. The next logical step would be to make Honor another form of currency that could be cashed in for items, troops, etc. After cashing in Honor points, they could then be replenished. I am not a huge fan of the way iHonor and it’s application is designed now. If it becomes just another form of redeemable currency, I think it would be horrible.


I agree short answer no. Can be misleading and misused.


I’m currently at no.

There’s certain tweaks that could make it better for some, 1 is the method of obtaining honour (i’m british, get over it, We HaVe ExTrA vOwElS) cough. Anyway:

If we could give an infinite amount on honour via PvP (but a player you keep rematching can only get 5 from you in a single day) It’s no longer “just a pointless system”, as it rewards people for being chosen in pvp (Cough downside of promoting 4x firebombs).

As for daily honor. 2 just doesnt seem like much.
A grand total of 2 honor, what if 3 people helped you? got to chose between them now.

It’s trying to promote chat. Which isnt a bad plan. But a system that promoting chat, while also giving a benefit in game? Not a good plan.


I was going to use the term “popularity contest” … with about the same level of scorn …

I agree with Rasper and Slypenslyde: this system is, on multiple levels, doomed. We’re going to have organized guilds like mine just max everyone in the guild - and not really notice the slow onset of slightly higher income over 90 days or so, so it will feel even worse.

Aaaand we’re also going to run into the “wasted honor” possibility. This could be mitigated by having a really obvious indication that the person is at max rank before the “give honor” buttons instead of being a layer deeper (as it is currently if you’re going by profiles instead of post-game). But, of course, is the point to give honor or give currency? If it’s both then its going to always feel bad to give the former if its not giving the latter, when you could be giving both to someone else.

Other points about maxing out on honor: we can’t see how much we have in a given rank, which means that when we are maxed out… we can’t actually see how much honor we have other than “above this amount”. That means that we won’t have any real idea of how much we have at that stage. Combined with the fact that we can’t see who honored us and we only have the vaguest sense of why… it all seems fairly useless.


I also don’t like anything that seems like its pressuring people to use the in-game chat. That ship sailed. People will use it if they want to, they should not feel an inclination to use it because of this honor thing.

And, finally, the mere fact that we’re getting so worked up over where this is going, when it collectively amounts to next to nothing, does not inspire confidence in me. Its a conceptual thing: it doesn’t really do anything but it doesn’t feel good. That’s bad design!


Dumbest update yet . Also chat is still broke and cycling between global and guild chat takes you somewhere in the middle of the chat screen like 3 days ago. Thats if its not a solid black screen 1st . I do not not like anything about this.


I can understand that the anonymity of honoring protects people from feeling like they’re being passed over (wouldn’t feel good to be in a guild where you could see everyone throws you an honor point now and then besides the GM, right?) or saddled with just another requirement (getting kicked for not honoring a GM would suck, but that might happen in predatory low- and mid-tier guilds), but I honestly think the ability to see who honored you would be far more likely to create relationships, rather than harm them. Because l would tend to like people who honor me, especially if it seems they had no real reason to.

This would breed reciprocal feelings of gratitude, and reciprocity can be a good thing, especially if it’s supposed to be a cross-guild social system. How else would l be expected to honor the person who honored me during a PVP fight? Or guild chat, for that matter? If granting honor is supposed to be a friendship-forming ice-breaker, from where it’s coming needs to be apparent.

As it stands, l just assume all honor is coming from my guild mates, and l try to distribute my points evenly to them.

There are no current incentives to do otherwise.


Very astute on all points! I could not agree with you more! :smiley:

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Anonymity makes it feel less meaningful. Being able to see who honored you can result in closed honor loops… and if its just “because they honored me” then its, again, less meaningful.

^ THAT is not a healthy system and probably not what the devs intended. No incentives to do otherwise indeed.