4.3 Update (Patch Notes)


There is some sort of hiccup. This is how it looks like initially:

And this is how it looks after exiting and re-entering PvP screen:

So there is some sort of bug at work here. Nobody is toying with us on purpose.


Sadly no, still showing 32% and 65 reward. :confused:


(From our DM) you definitely called the back to being outside of the top 100 moving forward. Who knew it would be the game that made it that way. And not real life.
30-40 PvP points while others get 70 for the exact same match. :roll_eyes:

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It’s like a telephone company. The more time you take and the more hours you have spent the worse they treat you. Totally unfair that we have to play double to get closer to the 10k position


There are display bugs on tributes too. Whitehelm 14 stars showing 35% - should be 41%. Moved out, then back in and now showing 41%…

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Since we have an ‘honor’ system that will likely very rarely be used in PVP and is pretty pointless to use in general, how about on the post-fight PVP screen we had a simply :+1: / :-1:. Each player would have an invisible tally, each :+1: is +1, each :-1: is -1, and each day the current tally is cut in half (this is to facilitate a score returning to 0 over time). The chances that the player is selected in PVP for combat is affected by their current tally.

For example, Bob builds an interesting team, not something meta. People that face it like the newness so give it :+1:, so it is more likely to show up as a choice for people, Bob gets more fights and more rewards for defending, so Bob gets rewarded for building a fun team.

Jim builds an easy team that gives event stones, same thing happens.

Scott decides to build a looping rope dart team that randomly never lets you make a second move. People give it a :-1:, Scott’s tally goes real negative, and he stops showing up as available opponents.

Randy builds a team of 4 Bombs. Some give it :+1: for being easy, others :-1: for being boring, it balances out and shows up at normal frequency.

Since one of the major complaints about PVP is the diversity (and by extension seeing the same random loopers constantly), this would give the player base a slight way to curate what is seen. If it gets to be abused, have the tally make a smaller influence and/or have the tally decay more quickly.

Do you like the honoring system?

I like your idea. Especially if it means more variety in matches



What Deathmarks??? Is being Stunned a Deathmark now?

Just got it again with a different opposing team. And another. Okay so the common factor might be Queen of Sin on my team …?


First overall impressions:
Chat update - probably good for people who use chat, but for me personally - meh, not something that impacts me;
Emojis (I hate those things and never ever use one!) - look above;
Portraits - look above…and, just for the principle, it would’ve been nicer to see them introduced correctly like, for example, X & Z related portraits being available right away instead of requiring additional fixing and delve related portraits being available at all…seems like something that wasn’t checked and done properly;
Gnome and Valraven animations at the start of the battle - for me personally…meh, it was fine without any, but some people might like it;
MVP page - what in the name of is that? What’s the logic and reasoning behind this “feature”? Right now it looks like a complete nonsense to me, especially with things like “survived x deathmarks” when there was not even a single on in play;
Honor system - not quite sure how I feel about this;
Team power calculation rework - sometimes it ends up giving me a lot more gold than I’ve seen in a long time, but, I think, too soon to be certain how it stacks and what to feel about it;
Troop balance changes are overall nice, but I agree with the sentiment above that Tina issue was handled poorly. I could buy it being harder that initially expected and requiring more work to fix, but to reduce the issue that caused so much commotion to just an insignificant footnote not even worthy of mention…that logic does not stick right with me.


Yeah, I think I’ve had it from Frozen(/Entangle?), instead of Death Mark:

It could just be ‘recovering from any status effect’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :man_shrugging:.


Display bugs

Pvp not showing revenge battle without refresh or leaving.

Tributes not showing correct tribute value without returning.

Using orbs - just used a wisdom orb to trait and it didn’t work, used another and the same. Went out of the upgrade and back, trait added - 2 orbs used…

Surely there will be more which players will find…

Yep, Raid boss I had 1 sigil. Played Raid, afterwards shows 1 sigil? Odd, I was sure I just used last one… oh well, click play, sends me to shop, sigil disappears…

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Now I’m getting “Survived deathmarks” on Queen Aurora. Who is freaking immune to them in the first place lol…



No status effects to recover from (since they didn’t get a single turn) so nope, I don’t think such recovery could be ‘survived deathmark’.
Next theory - maybe blessing (I did cast Moon rabbit) your troop counts as ‘survived deathmark’?


Bless is starting to sound like a candidate. I did have Qilin on my other team.


I can confirm it as a Visual glitch only, mine showed the same as yours every time I close the game’s app and restart it, and just to check it, after I collected tribute, I screen shotted the rewards from each kingdom (now that they show it) and the amounts for every kingdom that gave tribute was 10% higher then the kingdoms erroneously state they’re giving (the figures on the kingdoms tab are not including the guild statues bonuses as a visual thing only, my Whitehelm says on the Kingdom tab 65 glory and it gives 71 glory as shown on the tributes) it is annoying but the tributes given are correct

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By far I think this the best post in this thread and a great idea! Thanks @Rasper


Maybe it’s an acknowledgement that we all die someday, so technically every moment is lived with Death Mark?


I just realized … I haven’t seen an in-game survey on live yet. Has anyone?

I know what they look like, because I tested the thing myself, but I haven’t gotten one on live.

@ Devs - are they supposed to have been live or are they scheduled to show up at specific times or something…?


I haven’t, and have been looking out for them. I also haven’t rated the game, yet, though, so I was thinking perhaps I wouldn’t get any in-game surveys until I’d dealt with that pop-up.


Never mind.