Arena - Weapon Drafting & Rewards


I’m wondering if we could see a variant of the current arena set up that costs gems to enter (with suitably better rewards for risk/reward), and has you either draft a weapon -or- draft a fourth troop in lieu of your hero?

I like the variety the arena offers, but the rewards are consistently lackluster, the entry fee is largely irrelevant, and there’s a few optimal weapons to choose from despite there being a huge pool of weapons that could be used otherwise to increase variety.

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Seconded though I’m less interested in better rewards per se as making use of the random draft mechanic.

I’d like to see different modes, maybe one where you get a choice of one mythic and 3 common cards, arena’s with full traits and/or a random class applied, arena runs where each round a draft card is replaced randomly or you get to swap a card for one of your opponents.

Perhaps to go along with OP’s idea of better rewards rather than just increasing stats to make it more difficult perhaps the cards could be weighted on their usefulness/level. So a player can choose to drop down a rarity on a pick but this increases the rewards exponentially since they might still be fighting a traditional common, rare, ultra rare team with maybe 2 commons and rare.

Personally I like the “swap a troop with an opponents” idea since you could improve your deck as your run goes on but obviously your choices are still random.