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Do you like the Arena Revamp?

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  • No

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Maybe some quantifiable feedback may help, since they claim to listen to it.
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Devs don’t work weekends…Who is going to help me pick my teams?


I like it as much as I like stepping on a Lego with bare feet.


Definitely improved with better troops and no weapons. Should be put back in guild seal tasks now. I like the offers at the end too.

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Hero or not, team drafting is still messed up, as a bare minimum rarity of drafted troops should be reversed.

With the exception of trophies, which are going to interest 1% of the player base, rewards are garbage.

There is potential for a fun game mode, but right now it almost seems the game wants to punish you for playing it, since growth/resource-wise your time is better invested elsewhere.


I don’t like that they removed weapons. It’s possible to get a complete dud team now and have no chance at winning. I guess for 1k gold it’s not that much of a loss to just immediately exit though.


Wait, without knowing what weapon you’re going to use before selecting troops doesn’t make team building 100 times more difficult in the arena?

I mean I know the game is designed for the 10 people who have memorized every troop in the game. And can predict which ones will be available next “in the draft”. But hey… Having a developer/programmer having no present day knowledge of team building surely couldn’t be responsible for such a downgrade right?

Give us 12 troops to choose from.
Make us pick one of each rarity out of 4.
If you’re going to rebuild something, rebuild it completely. Don’t just half ass it and leave the selection the way it always has been back when the player knew the one constant.

Unless y’all expect us to build around the common based rarity troop? 🤦

@Lyrian did this seriously not come up in the beta?
The fundamental difference between building around a weapon and trying to build a team of 4 completey random-ish troops?


It’s a load of rubbish. What is the bloody point maxing out cards if you force us to use crappy cards and why do our cards have to basic when the enemies can be mythic. Game is a load of crap I hope you close it down soon you bunch of greedy trash


At least you have a single lego brick then, so much more fun potential than the “new” arena!


Garbage. I hate it. Ruined the Arena even more. Never imagined that it could get any worse, but leave it to the developers to find a way to make it worse and unplayable.


The only way to fix arena is deleting it. Spend “valuable dev time” on fixing things that people are going to actually like.


The only thing I like is the offers at the end.

If they didn’t thrust Arena at us in Campaign, those of us who have ignored it for years could at least be neutral about how much they wish to sink the mode.
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It’s not entirely bad, just in dire need of some improvements. Make all 12 troops from the draft pool available throughout the run, allowing players to tweak teams prior to each fight based on what the opponent is fielding. Also return rewards for time spent to previous levels, nerfing them into the ground isn’t going to make an unpopular game mode more enticing.


Takes much longer, wastes more gold to get a halfway decent team, troop selection is backwards, rewards are nerfed & offers are the same tired crap I get shoved in face over and over and over.
Absolute fail.


Thrust arena at you? Anyone who thinks 1 arena a week is intrusive is bonkers. It’s 6 mostly easy battles now and you can always skip for a paltry amount of gems. The same people complaining about this are the same group complaining about spending a few event keys like its account breaking. Spoiler alert, it’s not.

Arena rework sucks, its obvious to anyone who has played the game at all. Sure there are a few who don’t mind it, but it doesn’t move the needle much. In fact they should change this from the arena update to the pause speed update. That is a change worth celebrating.


ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Entice you with 50 trophies but have made the mode worse. Can’t even use Hero? Part of the fun for me was having options for weapons, which I would usually select depending on the mana of the troops that I had picked.
The traits are still locked? At least unlock them to add a semblance of strategy when creating a team…they will say no because, you know, “reasons” and it will affect the balance bla bla bla.
This was a garbage rework designed to push more offers.


It’s here to stay ladies and gents…

I mean they don’t want us getting a Nysha token once a month…

‘This will slow ‘em down, let’s get it live…ASAP’

It’s akin to striking your thumbs with hammers…


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Absolutely Not!! I couldn’t stand it before for the fact that you couldn’t use what we as players worked so hard for which is Traits and levels etc… Now it’s worse because you can’t use your weapons.