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Make Warlord count as an Orc

Just like the title says. This class is clearly synergistic with Orcs, which (I realized this week) can actually be a fun troop type to play. And it’s kind of a bummer that two classes count as Giants while none count as Orcs.

Pretty please fix this? Thanks in advance!


I’m on Yes :bangbang:

There will be a GroshNak hero class in due course.

I don’t think it’s helpful to make the hero class Orc in Broken Spire, a kingdom with zero Orcs. That would be counter productive for building matching teams.

I assume this only popped up so the hero could count towards GarNok making 22 gems. Don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be a suitably ridiculous make-24-gems weapon for the Orc hero one day…


I guess that the GroshNak hero class will have the Fire, War and Chaos trees. So quite close to the Warlord class.

Not really about Gar’Nok or the ridiculous class weapons at all - it’s about getting the hero that sweet sweet 4x Orc attack bonus!

I am afraid they moved away from this event weapon concept too early for Orcs to get one of these.

They moved away from it when it was no use to anyone - those weapons made a max of 16 gems - which is fairly useful - but most were on troop types or kingdoms that the hero couldn’t access through a class, meaning they capped at 12 gems, which is far more harmful than useful…

They kept the concept just long enough to give one to the Divine type… and then they massively buffed them to get up to 24 gems, which is pretty broken…

If Divines keep their version (un-nerfed) but we never get similar weapons made to access that powercreep with other kingdoms and types… then that’s a design brain-fart of the highest order…


I know why they moved away from it, doesn’t change the fact that they did and i find it highly doubtful that we see this event weapon concept for other trooptypes soon. Currently we are at the eat armor and do something with it stage with other concepts to follow, i assume it’ll be a while until the 24 gem spawn concept gets revisited.

Anyway, aside from Divines who greatly synergize with their gemspam weapon due to the particular colours spawned, this weapon concept is not that useful to most of the trooptypes since they don’t tend to make use of those manaloads as well as Divines or center around a certain manacolour this intensely.
Even for Orcs one of the fewer trooptypes that can actually field full trooptype teams effectively which many types still really can’t, there is not much to feed with the manaflood with some of their most effective troops having just above 10 manacost, their arguably most useful legendary spawning gems himself, and a quite meh mythic.

I can’t wait to play it. /s

Based on every class they created so far: the future Grosh-Nak Hero ‘may’ have one single perk from only one tree that applies to Orcs, and ALL the others will give buffs to Elves, Mechs, and random non-relevant races.

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I think you should be able to pay 50 gems to change what creature type a hero class targets, and every 24 hours it reverts. Just say you’re buying a potion from a witch.

maybe they should put a chance for a vial or token drop in treasure hunt that gives 1 free class change if they wont remove 50 gem cost.