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Orc Veteran Glitch?

I’ve tested a dozen times. If you cast orc veteran and kill the troop, he will not spawn 8 red gems. Is this by design or a glitch/flaw?

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Killing the troop isn’t the requirement to trigger the gem spawn, him having higher attack than the opposing troop is.

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i thought the requirement was his attack being greater then the damage he dealt,

talking about unclear spell descriptions…

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exactly my thoughts. It is actually a great troop but losing the gems on a kill is no bueno

It also does not spawn red gems if the enemy has barrier…

edited: it is working against barrier.

@Saltypatra I can back daveis23 up, this is happening every time you get the kill, no 8 red gem spawn, even though I have the higher attack.

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Yes this is happening to me as well.

Can I say how much of a bummer this is? I was looking forward to using this troop due to the event week and it’s broken on release. The one week in who knows how long until another Grosh-Nak/Orc event will happen and the new troop is broken. So many bugs lately that are really starting to add up.

I understand the issue being described now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, a guildmate said the same is happening with dark song and her drain effect.

True. He’s a mess right now. Maybe he was only tested before they moved to Unity and was working back then… in which case him now being broken would be poor testing. Or he was never tested at all, which would be pathetic.

Ever made a presentation with Power Point for school, university or at work? Tested it a gazillion times to make sure it works as intended? Cause that’s the way to do it.

No worries, he wont be fixed before another one or two Grosh’nak weeks have passed. Q: 'Are you sure? It’s some 20+ kingdoms. Grosh’nak will only reappear every 6 months or so.'
A: ‘Yes, cause it will take a year or so to fix it, cause it’s nowhere near as high priority as every other major bug.’

Bump. Doesn’t give gems on kill.