Dullahan's lethal damage is bugged

Platform, device version and operating system:

Android 7, Moto g6

Screenshot or image:
Before cast:

After cast:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
He is supposed to deal damage to a troop and kill either your first ally or the first enemy.

Sometimes it’s working as intended, he does indeed inflict lethal damage on either first ally or first enemy.
Other times he simply fusses, he does inflict the direct damage but fails to kill either of the 1st troops.
Killing or failing to kill seems fully random.

In the first screenshot, it’s the board before firing him. Second screenshot is after firing.
Notice that he inflicted damage on the troop that I’ve targeted (last one) but it didn’t kill neither the first enemy nor my first troop. None of them are invulnerable nor were blessed.

To make things even more weird, as you can see from the board layout, his spell removed a number of gems instead of killing a troop.
More specifically, he removed the 3 purple gems in the upper right corner. There’s nothing in his description nor the other troops’s traits/descriptions that could have exploded/removed/destroyed gems on his cast, so it have to be Dullahan that did it. The mana from the gems didn’t got added to the thief either.
My hero is thief class, weapon is Shield of urskaya.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Fully randomly, but in every match I’ve tested him. Next cast after the screenshots were taken he did indeed kill the first enemy. Other times ge failed multiple times in a row to kill a troop. Each time the spell fails to kill a troop, it does removes gems instead. Didn’t pay attention to how many or it it’s always purples tho.

Steps to make it happen again
Just assemble a test team with him and fire him off as often as possible.

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Well now I know why my guild wars defense with him didn’t do shit in terms of wins.
I guess I should’ve known better. New mechanics are always buggy af.

lol i throw him on last tuesday as well on gw def :confused: didnt work too much

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I havent used him so idk anything about this bug or if it exists. But here is my observation

_ i dont think there was any explosion. From what i can see, you cast your spell, the enemy takes the purple match. 2nd screenshot shows the board after the match, and it is your turn again
_maybe your bandit was killed and another one was summoned? Did you check the enemys kill count?
_were you drunk? jk

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are you sure that is the same bandit? in this case 2 pictures dont prove a bug, it would need to be a video because of the bandit spawning.

EDIT: Kill count before and after in the settings menu would show

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Nope, been slowing down the game before evety cast, specifically to not miss what’s happening. Noticed it happening many times before deciding to slow it down to catch it.
Turn didn’t pass on either.
Could try to get it on video once i fix a screen recorder.

Yeah a video would help

@Duallahan, random spell effect is Mongo’s specialty!

Dullahan doesn’t keep the turn. Occam’s Razor says that:

1.) Your Dullaham killed your front Bandit.
2.) Your hero talent kicked in, spawning a new Bandit.
3.) Turn passed on to the AI, which took a purple match on the upper left.
4.) Turn passed on to you.

If this didn’t show I’d assume some weird display bug that skips animations, jumping directly to the end result. Which might explain some other issues where events just don’t seem to add up.


This is yet another example of why a combat log would be useful. We’re only expecting it to show after a battle that your client saw, not anything stored on the server to see why you lost in PVP/Guildwars when you were attacked. Blah blah blah UI Concerns blah blah blah. This still needs to happen. It’s proven that the technology exists in this game to copy something to the local clipboard (team copy), so all it needs to be is a button that says “Copy Combat Log”.


A button like that could drastically reduce the amount of bug reports here, because people can see for themselves what happened and how, and that would mean a lot less work for them dealing with issues like these, where what happened is unclear.

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