Can we gen an orc hero?

Is there an orc hero coming soon? Can we get a patch for one tonight? Lol

I thought Gar’nok was the hero we got and deserve…:innocent:

No instead we should have two heroes that count as giants…:angry:


Mythic Grosh-Nak Orc

Weapon: Orcbane (14 Red)
Deal [Magic + 2] damage to an enemy boosted by my Attack [1:1]. Deal additional 5 damage to the target and loose 1 life if my attack is not greater.

Weapon: Darksteel Axe (14 Red)
Deal [Magic + 2] damage and Bleed to an enemy boosted by my Attack [1:1]

Weapon: Battleworn Axetwins (14 Red)
Deal [Magic + 2] damage to an enemy and adjacent enemies, if my Attack is greater make them all Bleed

Bleed (new, entire made up effect) - when dealing any type of damage - receive 1/3 of that damage as damage to myself

(Orc Bound, Orc Fury, Battle Trance)
Batttle Trance: When i loose Life become Enraged

Choose one Perk to activate: Angry(+4 attack), Leatherwear(+8 armor), Orc Strength (Hero counts as Orc for team bonuses)
MAX Attack:16 Life:24 Armor:19 Magic:8