Orc Class: Berserker

I’d like to see an orc focused class in the future and I was brainstorming some ideas as to what that might look like. Since the Grosh’Nak update with orcs getting more powerful as they lose health, I wanted to come up with a class that favors and enhances those attributes.

Orcs tend to favor red over other colors so I’d like to see it as +20 brown mastery/+5 red weapon magic; opposite of Mechanist in the same vein of Assassin/Deathknight.

Enhanced Vitality: +8 Life
Bloodlust: +4 attack
Raider: The Hero counts as an Orc for team bonuses

Nimble; I like to think of a Berserker as someone who is reckless but also quick on their feet and wouldn’t fall prey to entangle.
Thick Head: Forsaking armor is reckless enough so our hero would need to be thickheaded, stubborn, and angry to win battles.
Blood Crazed: All orc allies gain 2 attack and magic, but lose 2 life and are poisoned at the start of each turn.

The idea behind the third trait would be to reliably trigger the other orcs’ various orc traits without having to use Gar’Nok or them being clobbered while also sacrificing their health to fuel further levels of bloodlust. Poison all allies would just add another way to trigger their traits albeit less reliably, and has been requested before. I decided to limit it to orcs only to prevent some triple humility/dawnbringer shenanigans and the like.

Hero Weapon: Rend and Tear, Red 16: Deal 1/2 magic+X damage to all enemies boosted by all ally missing health 5:1. Enrage myself.

Orcs lack cleave damage and this could bridge that gap. I think half-magic scaling would be necessary with the trait giving 2 magic every turn and it’d be cool to have a weapon that got stronger the more hurt your team became. I picture some dual wielding orc spinning to win on the enemy team at the brink of death for victory.


I see which troop you are trying to make usefull here :grin:

I don’t even think this class as drafted could help Gargantuar. I have to loop him with Gar’Nok about 11 times for his spell to be in one shot range.

Wouldn’t both losing 2 life and poisoned cumulate so he would get his bonus x2 with each turn AND +2 to magic from hero’s bonus? That’s much more than what Gar’Nok can provide. edit: I forgot about impervious trait on Gargantaur.

Set him on fire, it’s faster.

Gargantuar is Impervious. In order for Burn to activate other Orcs’ traits, it has to chew through all their armor first. If the trait was already making them lose health to gain armor, magic, or attack respectively, burning would just be more self-destructive than need be.

You’re right.

Still I think that setting him on fire should be an option. Possibly before putting him in the team.

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I like the intention of this and the design mostly seems obvious - I’d be very surprised if the devs don’t have something similar planned.

Third trait needs a bit more work. How about Orc allies gain 1 Attack and Magic and lose 2 life each turn. In a hurry so just thinking aloud.

Too bad hero classes don’t have unique flavor text, because this one would have to be either “My love for you is ticking clock” or “My love for you is like a truck.”