Make story mode give tons of rewards for new players!

So I’ve played lots of mobile games. One thing that GoW didnt really need in 1.07 and below was for the story mode to hand out rewards to players for progressions sake.

I think with 1.08 the time for that has changed.

I request that as players go through the story and challenge modes they get packs of troops from those regions to help them flesh out their collection, and give them a good start on being competitive in PVP. One of the posts I keep seeing after the patch is “im new and I cant compete in the slightest now!”

If the story mode gave more than just the epic, but also gave packs of cards maybe rare and under, with the final challenges giving out a UR and maybe even a duplicate epic, we would see a lot of players who are new getting a great start to their collection and giving them the feeling that they have somewhere to grind to GUARANTEE them some units of a particular kingdom.

This idea really isnt that big of one considering how many troops are needed to ascend to the various levels, but if newer and lower level players got enough troops to be able to ascend a few up a tier with every city they go through, it would make them feel a lot happier and give them many more options to play with.


Can I upvote this 500 times please?

I’m actually playing through Ghulvania right now (hadn’t yet), and things are better. For one, I’m actually gaining gold in here - slowly, but more than just extra from the VIP levels; considering this is my umpteenth quest, it costs 80 per to play, so on early quests with this kind of gold, it might be even better. There’s also a progress indicator on the quest completion that pops up every time you start a new section. And you can gain traitstones in quests as well.

My Suggestion is this:
At each story section give 1 common, with an increasing chance for it to be a rare.
At each star of a challenge completed is the same, with the star giving a rare with an increasing chance (per each whole challenge completed) for it to be a UR, and at the final challenge give a duplicate of the epic from the storyline.

This would give people a good library of units to play with, and even to do some ascending with if they want to. It is also a drop in the bucket of the resources needed to ascend and level all the troops, but would go a LONG way towards garnering good will with new players AS WELL as making a lot more new viable players.

I would even recommend adding something to VIP 2 to the effect of “50% chance to double storyline/challenge rewards” to get people to spend a little cash.

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Agree with this. Maths / mechanics needs some more thought, but absolutely needed to help newer players… question is, does it suit the business model to hand out too much this way? Will it get us more income/profit/player base in the long run - which means more and better content and design effort for us all in the end…?

(note this is a question, not a judgement - corporate debt structuring, I’m your man, but never ran a f2p game business!)


I think my estimates are pretty low, and as I said, getting 6 our even 10 of a common is a drop in the ascension bucket

I quite like this idea, especially because it’s a way to motivate people who have yet to finish Quests & Challenges, without giving away an instant edge to those who have already finished them. This is the type of thing this game needs to close the immense gap that we all mention (but all understand differently). =)

Surely those who have completed the quests would get such rewards retrospectively? Or it’ll prejudice low level players who have been diligent and done these things already… and it won’t make much difference to the ‘gap’ from the high level players’ perspectives (see my point on loyalty bonus etc on that other interminable thread).

For a slightly different approach, why not just throw in a single copy of each common/rare/ultra rare card belonging to the story zone as part of the progression? We get the epic already, those additional lower rarity cards would fit in quite well. Helps new players to get their collection started without feeling too generous, they’ll still need multiple copies for ascension. Besides, after a bit of playing it’s really the epics/legendaries players want to acquire.

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I think this is eminently sensible; it allows players to ‘try out’ the various kingdom’s playstyles, while not giving away any real ‘chase cards’ for free. And yes, ascension does require multiple copies so one of each tier is a great incentive but not by any means a huge power boost.

I would advocate both quest-linked card rewards as above, and progressive gold rewards; as it stands, defeating the final quest of a kingdom gives the same reward as the initial one, and each quests grants a paltry 100 gold to me whether I’m paying 50 or 80 as an entry fee. It’s needless gatekeeping.

Dead thread I SUMMON thee!

Necroing this because I think it would get great support from a lot of the newer players.

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As a new player I don’t think it’s necessary.
Obviously rewards are pretty trash and there’s little incentive to do quests/challenges unless you want specific epic or class unlocked.
But the moment you get Tyri and join decent guild you are pretty much set up.

The incentive is low, however it pays off over time. The incentive to play story mode gives decent awards for the level they are completed at outside of a guild. It is nice to get troops or weapon that are strong, depending on how long you spend on them. Would be nice if we got valk from a story quest.

Getting War and Peace for completing Khaziel is useful for new players imho.


Don’t get me wrong, final quest rewards are fine.
But I though discussion was about mid rewards, which now is a lousy 100 gold for each step completed. Compared to 500-1000 per treasure map it’s pretty much nothing and maps provide other resources as well.