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Make Mythics Available to Purchase

Every week, there’s a Legendary troop available for purchase in the shop, but I haven’t seen any Mythics in there yet.

I’m currently level 640, VIP 6, and still waiting for my first Mythic troop. I guess it’s just bad luck. Anyway, I ask that perhaps once a month, instead of a Legendary, we get a Mythic in the shop.



the mythics are in the ‘shop’ in form of ‘gems’ and keys… i know that is a lot of purchases before a mythic would actually drop but imagine how much of an economy cut off it would couse if that ‘a lot of purchases’ was shortened to simply one shop ‘mythic bundle’

i do want devs to make money somehow, they got to continue living to upkeep our servers you know

plus it would become a p2w game somewhat

so i disagree to the idea


Way too P2W to ever happen. Even though most mythics are only average, the amount of people that would scream P2W would be way too many.

Also, next patch they are likely adding cosmetics and stuff to buy. We have that. :slight_smile:


I got famine with gems keys and not very many of them! 10 I think!

I don’t see what the problem about P2W… There is already 50$ pack for one legendary so why one will scream P2W for Mythic and not for Legendary?

It should be so painful for newcomers to drop all the mythics… So this pack seems to me a good idea ;-).


I would actually be leaning towards this too. Considering the prices in the cash shop, if someone would be willing to support the game to that degree - give them all the mythics they want, as far as I’m concerned.

That said, only Sirrian really knows the actual stats behind $$ transactions, whether argument Anna made about people buying gems to hunt mythics is vaild - if it is better for the game (from the financial pov) than adding mythic packs.

Personally I think they’d make a lot more of a killing by introducing imp bundles at the opposite side of the year (i.e. winter imp pack in the middle of summer). People who *must-have-it-all-now* and don't want to risk the RNG hunt would probably support the game quite nicely then ;) and the imps are far from balance-breaking. (not that the mythics are either really, it would be A LOT more p2w if for example all legends were available for full time, and everyone could just pick and grab whatever they wanted).

I also disagree with this idea, for the reasons @Annaerith gives.


i think thats great idea

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I was thinking about this the other day… create a “1 per week” key that opens a chest that gives you a random Mythic that you do not have. Or make it 1 per day, or make it a random mythic even giving you repeats of the same. I am VIP 7 or 8 and have supported this game, but I think it would be a tough job for me to control myself should there be a key I could buy that would give me a mythic, I would be drooling over it depending on the price…:slight_smile:

Honestly I don’t understand the claim that adding a bundle would make the game more pay to win.

As it is now, you have to pay potentially an unlimited amount if you want to get a random mythic through gems.

With a bundle, you would just pay less to get a guaranteed mythic.

The second option is more fair to consumers. The first option clearly favors the devs income. But both are equally pay to win in my opinion. If you want that mythic really badly then you’ll spend money to get it

One is pay a lot to potentially win one
The other is pay less to get one guaranteed

Either way to get a mythic you’ll either get lucky with the resources you have or spend a bunch to get it. It would be pay to win if that was the only way to get the mythic.

I support this simply because I would pay for a monthly mythic bundle but I will never pay for a gem pack because of the randomness. It would probably be a bad financial decision on their part depending on how many gem purchases extra they get when a mythic is released.

Typically free to play games prosper from the over enthusiastic “take my money” players who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars often. They take advantage of people who get addicted to the gamble (it’s just the nature of free to play). Most free to play games don’t care about getting a huge portion of the playerbase to spend money as long as there is that good percentage of people who will spend any amount of money on their overpriced currency.

I could never support mythics being in paid for bundles. I don’t mind throwing them some cash from time to time.

I’m more interested to hear what price for a mythic some of you are thinking? A legendary is $50 and only comes with one copy and 10 stones. So honestly what price do you think would be fair to the devs?


Well they could put a mythic without a bundle in the shop for $100 and I bet people would buy it over the $100 gems that could potentially give you a mythic but also a plethora of other cards/resources. Limit it to a one time purchase.

I’d say that’s more fair to the consumers than expecting them to spend hundreds if they are unlucky, while still being reasonable for the devs.

I don’t think they expect you to spend hundreds to get a Mythic. I think they don’t expect everyone to have them. As it is now, it’s just a matter of luck: some people get Mythics out of free keys, some people don’t even after spending money on gems. The chances are so low that it’s not rational to spend money chasing them. However, if you could purchase them outright, perception about their purpose would probably shift: people would claim that the only way to get them is to purchase them, and that the drop chance is so low to encourage those purchases.


Mythics are hard to get, because it is assumed that by the time you get a mythic troop, you already have other troops ascended to mythic already.

I do already have other troops ascended to mythic. Almost all of them, actually.

But still no base mythic. :sob:

Well they are still new to the game, sooo, i would not worry about having or not having them.

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I think the problem, or perceived unfairness, is that there are people in the game like myself who are high-level, end game players who have used, quite literally, thousands of keys, of ALL varieties Glory, Gem and VIP, and have not received ANY mythics.
(For purposes of FULL disclosure, I did finally manage to get a War and a Draakulus.)

And then there are people who are below level 100 who pop up in my PvP fielding a team with multiple base mythics.

I don’t think that mythics should be EASY to get but I am a firm believer in PITTY Counters.
Even a BIG one… like say…
After 5,000 chests without a Mythic… BINGO you get a mythic.

After all the drop rate I believe is 0.001%
which is a 1 in 1000 chance.

I can GUARANTEE I am WELL below that mark…


I wouldn’t be against packs/bundles with Mythics. People already got, and would still be able to get, those without spending money in the game. Having the option for it wouldn’t unbalance the game structure or the guild’s economy.

I have 2 Deaths and 1 Plague, and i probably wouldn’t buy a Mythic Bundle, but having the option for the ones that are willing to get it would be fine for me.

I’d rather them add in ways to target mythic troops at similar total gem cost to what they were during their initial exclusive period. Right now getting a specific missing Apocalypse troop is borderline impossible, being 1/6 (soon 1/7) on top of the absurdly low chance to pull any mythic, and getting a kingdom mythic through event keys costs about 3 times as much gem wise during its event period, and could be a six month wait for it to even happen, in addition to getting hardly any other useful drops from the expenditure. If they fixed that, then started selling them in packs, I’d have no problem with it.

If they were ever available for $100 each I would be very disappointed and would probably want back 30k+ in gems and keys. It cost me way more resources then $100 per mythic.