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Buy Chests, and open them at your leisure!


I am prepping for the impending Mythic release, and I have struggled with how to approach it. I have ~2250 gems, enough for the 50 VIP chest pack. That is awesome! However, since I need/want a second copy of Plague, and a copy of Famine, I am torn. If I wait until Friday, I can buy the 50 VIP chests, but only have the ability to net the new mythic Death. If I open before hand, I can get the two mythics I want, outside of the aforementioned one.

So, what would y’all think about being able to pre-purchase chests, and open them when you want to? I buy 50 VIP, get the 200~ gem discount for doing so, and only open the amount of chests that I want to.

The system could use something a long the current design, but instead of 1 10 50 Chests, it would use those many keys, which would be purchased elsewhere before hand. I.e. I go to the shop icon, and select the tab for KEYS, I purchase those keys with their required currency, and then when I hit the chests button on the main screen, I can then select one of the three options for amount.


I want to buy keys at my leisure and not open them. This way if i do get what i am looking for i can stop opening the rest.


I’d love this, but the fact that the higher cost chests give bulk discounts in the first place means it is probably by design to risk overpaying during a given time period, especially for event chests.


True but imagine that you have saved up 1000s of glory keys just for the soul purpose of getting a mythic troop, then you get the mythic stoop and can choose to either open the last in a pack of 50 or set them aside for another great troop.