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VIP Chest Cost?

So, I am a recent member of the VIP level 5 crowd.

I have thoroughly enjoyed purchasing VIP chests, however I can’t help but feel that I must ask the question…

Are they just a little overpriced?

I don’t think they should be as cheap as gem chests, but… This is supposed to be a reward for people investing a hefty sum in the game. When I’m looking at 50 gems chests or 10 VIP that is a tough call.

Could we make it so that they are simply double the cost of gems? So 450 gems would get you 25 VIP chests? Or 50 for 900? Just an idea…

I would like opinions and feedback from others who can purchase VIP chests? Do you find yourself buying gem chests rather than VIP? If so I think that’s a problem. We should want to be going to VIP as our default chest as VIP members of GoW, at least that’s my take on it…

Thread is open… Here we go!!! :wink:

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They are fine at 50 gems each. They give 2k gold each, 2 epics/traitstones, and epic+ only.


Hi Tacet, your #1 fan here!!!

So i do agree with both, the reward from VIP chest does justify the cost, but then again as I’ve just unlocked the VIP chest myself last week(queen mab for the win so please don’t nerf), I feel like VIP chest should make paid user feel more of a privilege, hence the fact discounting gems would not be a bad idea either.

That’s my personal opinion, what you all thing?

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What might be a nice change is if their cost scaled from the current 50 chest cost down to the lower chest amounts in a linear fashion (like gold chests do) - even if the amounts of chests per purchase had to change slightly to accommodate that.
The ‘discount’ for bulk purchase for VIP 5+ should just be included for every purchase


I have opened up plenty of the 50gem key packs to receive no legendary card but every time I have opened 10pack of vip I have received 2 legendary minimum.
Not saying there guaranteed to drop with vip but is a much better chance MO

You have gotten lucky but the chances are the best out of all the chests

My biggest problem currently (level 472 with 12 cities at 3 stars) is that I need so many Runic traitstones. I have plenty of Arcanes that I’d love to use, but I’m blocked by the Runics. Since I get a good amount of Runics from Gem Chests but none from VIP chests, I’m actually preferring Gem Chests at the moment. I’d love if the VIP chests could give like 10 Runics as a possible reward or just give a free Runic with each chest.

I don’t have many data points, but yeah, the legendary troop drop rate from VIP chests does seem to be about 20% for me too.

pre 2.0
2 / 10 (2x Venoxia)
2 / 10 (2x Abhorath)

post 2.0
2 / 10 (+1 mythic) (Mab, GarNok, War)
0 / 10 (sad face)

I think it is a nice deal but the problem is that at the later stages of the game, the 2000 gold and anything epic is just useless. The traitstones are never that important because again, at higher levels you’re looking for mostly runic and minor traitstones(at least I am)

So while it is a ‘good deal’ I agree with the OP, at endgame I have low incentive to go for 10 VIP over 50 Gem chests unless I have 1000s of gems sitting around and want to just hit the VIP chests a little before going mainly for event and gem chests.

I think the deal that the OP is trying to get at is that the VIP chest is an interesting idea, it creates a giant question mark over people’s heads when they want to see what it does and give people who pay to play an incentive to pay a little bit more.

However, the VIP chest doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of reward I’d expect after spending hundreds of dollars to get there. My answer is that VIP chests could have multiple flavors. Like you click on the VIP chest screen and instead of 3 options you get 10 options for different VIP chests. Ones that are limited in scope but still random. Say… a purple chest that only gives purple troops and traitstones or a runic chest that only gives a random assortment of runics. That’s where I could see myself more eager to hit the VIP chests.

Everybody thanks for all the comments and opinions. For clarification: I am not arguing that what you receive is not worth it. They are the best chests available. I was just a bit surprised that after spending around $180, the cost to get 50 was so high it felt a bit like I was being “encouraged” to buy more gems. I guess I was looking for a little more of a “thank you” after my investment.

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Perhaps we can nicely ask the devs to offer us a VIP appreciation week or something where the VIP chests only cost gold or glory instead of gems. My guild makes enough that I can drop gems on 50 VIP about every other week or so. I do find it to be really gratifying to do it, especially now that it comes with 100k gold that I run back to the guild to sink into more gems.

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