Lycanthropy has broken The Warrens Pure Run

I tried to make a run on The Warrens 500 Pure today, and ran into a major problem.

It’s established that you need to cast Luna A LOT in order to complete a pure run. The Warrens is considered one of the more difficult delves. Well, unfortunately Luna can end up inflicting Lycanthropy on the enemy team, and when that happens it’s likely that one of them will transform, getting a full heal in the process of being transformed.

The battles in The Warrens already didn’t have room for error, and until Lycanthropy is made to actually be a negative status I see it being much much harder to complete the pure run.


Transform should also result in the opponent being half the Level that they were prior to being Transformed and also become Untraited. Lycanthropy is broken for not acting under those rules. So yes, they’ve made that pure run even more difficult.
(Which I can guarantee you they didn’t think about all when designing the gimmick since the devs won’t such Factions outside of Salty who only does it for her streams.)


Yes, another disadvantage of DEVS not caring about the destruction of their game. Lycan is a terrible attribute, but DEVS wanted to NERF their game again. I suggest not spending money any time soon…

Holy… so glad I completed it, and swore to RNG never revisit.


Oh yes, I feel your pain. I’m currently trying to complete the Warrens potionless as well and boy do I hate lycantrophy.

If the beasts would appear at half their previous level, all would be good. But now we are really screwed.

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Warrens pure run was easy. First, you bang your head against the wall repeatedly, at least 3 times a day, for months. Then you run this team:


Oh, and don’t forget to pump millions down the drain:


Then hope to god you get lucky.


220? That’s lower than I’ve seen in the past… Really doable?

This is my personal list for how I did 500 pure faction runs for each delve, what my hoard level was, and whether I used potions or not. For the “yes” potion runs, those were either on Tuesday or opening weekends (most often) and I used anywhere from 4-7 Tier7 purchases, which gives 28-49+ to all stats, and of course things like Bless, Enchant, Barrier, explosion, etc.

Delve Treasure Hoard Level Potions
Fang Moor 320 No
The Warrens 220 No
Crypt Keepers 200 No
Hall of Guardians 199 No
Mirrored Halls 199 No
All-Seeing Eye 195 No
Dripping Caverns 171 Yes
Silver Necropolis 159 No
Stonesong Eyrie 159 Yes
City of Thieves 157 Yes
Primal Rift 147 No
Werewoods 144 Yes
Amanithrax 125 Yes
Wild Court 113 Yes
Sunken Fleet 111 Yes
Frostfire Keep 106 Yes
Lyrasza’s Lair 104 Yes
The Deep Hive 104 Yes
Fell Roost 102 Yes
Tinker Town 101 Yes
Dark Pits 100 Yes
Depths of Sin 100 Yes
Duergaroth 100 Yes
Eldrazhor 100 Yes
Emperinazar 100 Yes
Illithia 100 Yes
Sea of Sorrow 100 Yes
The Labyrinth 100 Yes
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Wait… Lol

If you use potions. But under a certain Tier.

You consider that a potionless run?!?!!!

Interesting. Maybe I’ll give it a shot - I certainly am not doing anything with my daily runs.

If it says “No” it means I completed pure 500 faction run without potions, during normal “3 a day” delves. If it says yes, it means I completed it either on a Tuesday run or, more often, opening weekend.

Yeah it makes more sense now that you edited your comment and elaborated your “tracker”.

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I did Warrens with 210 hoard potionless. i think my team was Knight, Luna, Bunnicorn, Bunnicorn. Spam Bunnicorn. Pray to your god of choice.

The boss room isn’t bad actually. It’s the path to the boss that’s killer.

Not sure I would want to try Warrens right now though. May want to wait until/if Lycanthropy is fixed.

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Thanks for the added info, very interested in getting this one done (need the pet - the third one is cosmetic).

You’re not wrong, the journey is the hardest part.

I did bump it up to 220 and try igniteice’s team. Wiped all 3 times on the third room. I actually didn’t mind Lycanthropy because it helps in the first room if it triggers, so Tricksters don’t swap first/last.

I might try your team tomorrow and see if any different.

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I did the run back in August of last year. Here’s what I wrote when I originally posted about it in the Delves strategies thread:

One of the enemy teams I fought against was Sheggra, and Trickster was essential for that, because it allowed me to flip him to the front and whittle him down.
I had all my troops going into the Boss room. I took out the enemy Luna first, then Lapina Knight. I too lost those troops, but that was after I killed theirs. Then I just skull matched them down.

Basically, you need to have all your troops survive into the boss room to even have a chance, and flipping the enemy team is very important in taking out enemies. I had tried for months using different teams, like 2-4 Lunas, or two Bunnicorns, but things just weren’t working.

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Just a case of not assessing impact of future changes.
And not a particular surprise, unfortunately, because - how many of devs have actually played pure factions?
Apart from Luna, there is also Rattigar in Dark Pits and Deep Elven Rogue in Eldrazhor with inflict random status effect, you know, others that have gotten harder; not to mention Magnus and Hag in middle rooms that can turn you into beastful bunch.

Warren experience - I was lucky that day…Luna/Luna/Bunny/Luna with 175 hoard (don’t remember what was the deed situation back then).

And just for fun, a summary of mine.

Delve Treasure Hoard Level Potions
Fang Moor 111 Yes
The Warrens 175 No
Crypt Keepers 140 No
Hall of Guardians 205 No
Mirrored Halls 111 No; twice
All-Seeing Eye 200 No
Dripping Caverns 199 Yes
Silver Necropolis 111 No; twice
Stonesong Eyrie 140 No
City of Thieves 164 Yes
Primal Rift 111 No; twice
Werewoods 111 Yes
Amanithrax 111 No
Wild Court 111 No; three times
Sunken Fleet 256 No; twice
Frostfire Keep 111 Yes
Lyrasza’s Lair 202 No
The Deep Hive 111 No; twice
Fell Roost 111 No; twice
Tinker Town 111 No
Dark Pits 241 No
Depths of Sin 111 No
Duergaroth 111 No
Eldrazhor 199 Yes
Emperinazar 111 No
Illithia 111 No; twice
Sea of Sorrow 111 Yes
The Labyrinth 200 Yes
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I did The Warrens (potion-less) some time ago when my reason for choosing which delve to do next was related to surplus Pet Food and I was drowning in Yellow. I eventually succeeded with a very high hoard (297) + Level 14 Kingdom + high-level campaign artifact, though I had a couple of near misses when my hoard was a fair amount lower (around 250).

For me, the team composition that I found better odds of success was Lapina / Luna / Bunnicorn / Lapina. Partially because the Lapina Knight is the best tank of the bunch given the combination of Agile and Armored. Partially because I preferred the predictability of Lapina’s status effects – half or more of the negative effects are garbage, whereas almost every one of the positive effects is useful in one way or another. Also because book-ending the team with Lapina Knights means the enemy Trickster is much less of a nuisance.

I still had plenty of issues with sky-falling skulls and when enemies were Enraged. But that’s what worked for me.

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Well, cut my legs off and call me shorty!

It actually worked, you mad person!

Somehow on the third run tonight, the stars aligned and I got to the boss room with the entire team intact.

I immediately flipped the enemy Trickster to the bottom, to deal with the Luna, as suggested in your strat write up. BRILLIANT PLAN!

The enemy Luna DID cast Lycanthropy while I was trying to skull it - my Lapina Knight and Luna survived, while the other two turned into a Midge Swarm and some other mostly-useless “any gem to brown” (was good for an extra turn though).

My Lapina Knight died pretty soon after but the enemy Trickster flipped my Luna to last, so the two random troops were a meat shield. DONE.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! 6 more to go…


Congrats! :partying_face:

I take no credit but am happy to see you succeed :grin:

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Hah! They turned lycanthropy off for some days and I did Luna Luna bunnycorn Luna and bingo.
I‘d say just in time and never again.

Thanks for the bugs I think.

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