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Lycanthropy has broken The Warrens Pure Run

I’ve done 'em all, feel free to ask questions :wink:

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Haha, thanks, I appreciate the offer.

I do have good teams for the 6 I have left (Sunken, Fang, Lyrasza’s, Werewoods, Dark Pits, and City of Thieves), and I finally was able to up Fang Moor to 250 horde… but now all I need is the luck. :wink:

Ah, I wish you the best of luck. I pumped mine up to 320 before I was able to complete it. It is one of, if not the most brutal pure factions to do.

Fang Moor is all I have left. City was very hard. Hate that one and a few others including Fang. Going to do it next week.

(Sorry OP, I know this is off topic but just wrapping this up :))

Haha, luck was with me again today, folks!

Fang Moor done with 250 horde, with the team suggested from this forum (Chief/Chief/Shaman/Asp). I found that you had to get to the last room with all four (so if someone dies along the way, don’t waste time and just restart), and then don’t hesitate to cast BOTH Chiefs when they are up, because it’s going to probably come down to Shaman and Asp to save you. Thanks again everyone! Super happy!