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Please remove Lycanthropy from Delve

Its hard enough to complete delves without having my runs ruined by a troop being converted and counting as a lost troop.

Please either remove lycanthropy gems from delve or change the scoring so that any troops changed by a lycanthropy gem do not count as a lost troop.

Its just not fun or fair at the moment and just feels like a really cheap way of stopping players scoring points in delve. It is even more unfair as we only have 3 delves a day so to have these ruined is seriously frustrating.


Yes remove lycanthropy. I won’t add the please because its not deserved. But players do deserve an end to this nonsense. Its not an improvement. It is not balanced. It actually perversely adds to the grind. We don’t like grind, we actually like challenge. Well challenge yourself and free us from lycanthropy.

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Why not just use a troop with cleanse?
IMO artificial problem… last time i did a lot delving (like 200+ delve battles during event) my troops got transformed ONCE… same goes for enemy troops…
Is that such a big thing ? :man_shrugging:

But that’s going to reduce your suffering. Why would they want to do that?