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Licantrophy only in ARENA

Please guys, Licantrophy gems ruined the mechanic of the game, the opponent just need 1 explosion to have a chance to trasform 1 of your good troop into a useless one. and you lose the game, you lose the war, you lose the event, and 100% impossible to win the faction team al level 500.
so why you added this?
if you are near the victory after a long battle, and unfortunately you explode 1 licantrophy gem, the opponent will return with full life and armor, and you lose.

This is only casuality and no more thinking or tattical games and sucks.

You should disable Licantrophy from WAR, UNDERWORLD, WEEKLY EVENTS, and keep it in Arena, Explorations and PVP.

and also please, dont let it to be activated with explosions but only with matches!

Because this is ruining 80% of the game and make everyone unhappy.


Only in arena is probably a bit too much to ask for, I would say it’s reasonable to keep them in the world event but they definitely have no business in Ranked PvP, Guild Wars and Delves.

Personally I only had bad and frustrating experiences with lycan gems so far, hearing the same from others, only very few who got the very unlikely luck to win something important due to lycan gems.

I would be really interested in the thought and design process behind it.

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I have given up even bothering to try to complete Faction Delves at the moment, because it’s an utter waste of time.

It was a tedious slog before lycanthropy gems with you needing the RNG on your side to have much of a chance of completing high level Delves, now when any synergy in your team can be wiped out when your best damage dealer gets converted to something that’s useless or mana blocks another troop, it is simply pointless.

Devs: You made a bad decision. Admit it, own it and FIX IT!!!