Please disable Lycanthropy in Underworld

Ok, I am very unhappy at the moment caused due to my latest experience in All Seeing Eye.
But Please disable lycanthropy in the underworld factions.
A pure faction run is not a piece of cake, but the randomness makes it very frustrating. You are on the winning run and then the lycanthropy casts on the wrong troup and you are doooomed.
It should be a challenge, but a difficult and fair challenge and not a horrible trip where the gods of luck have their guiding hands upon you to save you from lycanthropy effects.

At the moment I am asking myself, if I should play the game mode any longer. I have spent a lot of time to get better in the game and this mode, but lycanthropy is a hard pain in my heart. :cry:


Precisely the same thing happened to a Guild Member. In the same Delve. :frowning:


I can see the upcoming storm, if these kind of gems triggers next week in guild war. :roll_eyes:

If these are event specific gems, then it would be better to get them in events or in fights, which are not so hard.


These stupid Lycan gems should not appear at random like doomskulls. Only if the appropriate troops are in the battle.


That would definetly be a good option. :ok_hand:

Lycanthropy could even be a boon in PF runs if only it worked like all other transform effects and halved the troops level and removed traits. Then it would truly be a negative effect.
Still not perfect but more likely to be useful.


All faction Pure 500 already felt neigh impossible without a massive time commitment and gem spend. A substantial portion of factions are practically (like, less than 10% chance of success) impossible in non-potion runs. You could argue, the majority are. Beyond that, some more difficult ones are really only reasonably doable (say like 50% chance of success) not only with potions (sometimes multiple power potions) but also high faction bonuses (50%, high level delves.) Which means, gold, time, and gems sink to even have any reasonable chance at doing it.

Add in lycanthropy, and what was already in incredibly daunting, if not near impossible (for non hardcore players) and you’ve officially made it feel outright impossible. Depressingly so. What was a small glimmer of “well maybe someday”, has become “no, that’s impossible, never going to happen.”

It’s close to the worst, and least well thought out wide scale change I’ve seen a game. Since Blizzard used a real money auction house in D3.


Random Lycanthropy gems are only active during this Moon Flask campaign I thought? Troops/weapons etc will still spawn them but PF won’t be an issue.

In the next campaign it will be some other heroic gem.

I think even the Uberskulls +10’s are disabled while Lycanthropy gems are active.
So you can wait out doing PF for a benefical gem type perhaps.

As you say ‘maybe someday’ still stands true. I’m in the same feeling with PF waiting until kingdom level 19 is attainable easily. :laughing:

Well that makes it a bit easier to swallow, I guess. I thought they were here to stay.

These new gems are so good for user experience while doing PF500. Awesome…

No, not really…


Given that Werebat has a chance to generate them, I imagine they’ll still be in the game after this week. They probably just won’t show up in most general battles as they will this week.

Personally, I don’t hate them. It adds some fun chaos to the game.


*10 weeks mate. As the campaign continues the chance of Lycan gems falling from the sky will actually go up.

But yeah as soon as the campaign is over (or the next starts) you will only be able to create Lycan gems using the troops/weapons. So Underworld will not be affected unless you bring it in your own team.

Or if there are troops that cause the status apart from the gems themselves, like Magnus and Elven Rogue, etc… because I think the OP (at least the thread title) is in reference to the status on-the-whole, and not just as triggered by gems.

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Oops, right! Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile:

Then it would be an annoying effect but wouldn’t make people swear off the underworld.
It would be the same as losing a troop through Death Mark.
The issue is with the gems it’s easy to inflict Lycan. But not many people are realising that they are temporary gems. As this has not been communicated very well ingame.

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Glad I’m not the only one having trouble with lycanthropy…

I totally agree with you on Lycanthropy. It’s impossible to play in pure factions. In the Eldrazhor factions, all my units are transformed into beasts, so, that I play with 3 Orpheus medals. I can’t pass the middle room !! It’s a shame to have put this in place !! I spent more than 5 Million gold to go from the Hoard 150 to 265! And still impossible to pass! If it’s not because of Velene not working well, it’s Lycanthropy !!!

Have you ever lost a delve because you ‘killed’ an enemy troop with lycanthropy, i.e. turned a near-death enemy into a full-health beast?

I have. Death mark doesn’t do that.

Lycanthropy is the only double-negative effect in the game - it harms you if you’re hit with it, and it harms you if you hit the enemy with it.


Lycanthropy ruins delves without potions!
When you get to level 500, and all enemies turn into beasts with all stats, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do anything! On the other hand, with the potions (Tuesday and Friday) the Lycanthropy is deactivated!
So, that is to say, 505 does everything to get people to spend gems and real money! therefore, we arrive at Pay to Win !!!
It is high time to stop the game !!!

Lycanthropy is not deactivated in Tuesday events.
On the lower floors there are not any lycanthropy gem, at the higher levels some appear.

But there are other problems with Lycanthropy, too. This is not the only issue with it.