Please disable Lycanthropy in Underworld

I got nailed by the hero lycanthropy freeze bug on my last faction assault delve. So irritating!

I had lycanthropy gems appear on almost every floor today, starting with one in the very first level 20 battle.

If understand it correctly, there is still an issue, if Lycanthropy is triggered on the hero?

The freeze bug traditionally doesn’t have the gems loading images. I also don’t see the Lycanthropy image on your hero.

If the game crashed after you killed the last troop then I suggest you clear out your cache.

I think this is a different bug. I have had lycanthropy on my hero no problem. It seems the game is struggling to connect, which has been reported a fair bit lately. If you’re on mobile, try switching between wifi and data.

#Lycangate If you have twitter make it trend.

In protest of Lycanthropy I will not be purchasing this season’s pass and will be boycotting the game this Saturday.

LOL … it’s an arena weekend … I’ll be doing other things, myself!!! I’ll just throw it out there because you know my disdain for Arena … the temporary lycanthropy effect for this campaign (heck, I’ll include the troops that can cause this effect even during/after the campaign) is still far better than the turd call Arena :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: #IHateArenaThatMuch


But they do, that’s whole thing with last update…

They are special gems that are ‘turned on’ for whole campaign #5. After campaign #5 it should be as you posted above - they won’t show up, unless there’s a troop that can create them. (but other special gems might be up… for next campaign)


Por favor eliminen Lycanthropy del juego.Estan arruinando el esfuerzo de los jugadores. Lo que traera muchas decepciones y finalmente abandonar las partidas y el juego. Esto lo transforma en menos divertido y justo.