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Lycanthropy Feedback

The effect of “licanthropy” should not be able to be used in factions, because at higher levels they are too difficult.
Make some changes about this because you are abusing players.

I’ve accepted it being in the game, but I’m just so tired of dealing with it in every battle for months. Leave it to the troops that create lycan gems and pull it out of every battle. Its an absolute cancer on Gwars and high level delves.


How about considering some minor modifications to it such as cleansing it more easily while gaining a benefit such as an enchantment? That would help to level the outcome so that people aren’t feeling punished by an unfair disadvantage that ruins effort toward other goals such as gold or soul farming.

It’s already a bit tedious to do that as it is but having that made harder as a consequence of this mechanic means it has implications throughout every aspect of the game.

If this affected only a particular round where it could be reset on a delve, for example, that wouldn’t be so bad. But losing a key player early on in a delve when you set up delves as a primary and restricted resource feels like I’m being gaslit by this game.

Developers do not care what we think!
Look, it will be 8 weeks since the campaign started and nothing has been corrected or almost nothing to this lycanthropy! on the other hand, when it is a problem which benefits the players, the problem is quickly resolved and very badly! I’m talking about the vault! Thursday evening the problem was quickly resolved!
It is this behavior that will make me stop gambling and save me a lot of money! I am VIP 15 soon 16 and my goal is to be VIP 20! But I’ll stop there! Thanks the devs!

Lycanthropy is utter garbage gaming in delves. Plain in your face unacceptable gaming design. Shame on your design for leaving there.


Let’s look at this in reverse. Who likes Lycanthropy? Is there even one player?

Why would devs/suits add/keep a mechanic in a game that literally NO ONE likes.

There’s no controversy here. There’s no group arguing the other side. This is just a perfectly terrible idea that should never have made it out of beta.

I guess they don’t read the room (or the forums). Why introduce a terrible mechanic into an otherwise fantastic game just because new ideas are getting harder to dream up?

Anyone who thought this was a good idea, doesn’t play this game with any seriousness.

(I felt compelled to come here to leave this as yet another high level delve attempt devolved into phone-throwing frustration…)

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To be fair, I have seen a handful of people that think its great. Also, a larger group who find it tolerable.

I personally hate it. Losing battles does not bother me. Well, it bothers me, but in a “What could have done differently?” - way. To me, lycanthropy turns every battle into a slot machine. If I want to play mobile slots… there’s a app (or 1000!) for that!

I do give credit for the update making it less terrible. So there is that. But I’m a little sad that “less terrible” is the bar. :eyes:

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Simple really; roll back. As players we wanted to play Gems of War, not Gems of Lycanthropy.

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It’s already a pain farming Nysha at E12, and with lycanthropy, well, no fun at all.

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I totally agree. This is one of the worst mechanic in this game. I hate Lycanthropy. I hope they just remove it completely.

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I dislike Lycanthropy for all the reasons hitherto mentioned. My hubby loves it. He finds it more useful than not in lv 500 delves. He has a good argument for why this is the case, but I really don’t think it’s worth debating when just about everyone else disagrees.

So there’s one. :grin: