Low level guild mergers!


Look, lower guilds. If we are going to survive, we need to merge. Everyone I keep coming across has the same story, “…I got to X rank all by myself, I donate 300k gold, I got X trophies, etc. etc. etc.”

C’mon. This machismo has to end folks! Let’s merge together and make a guild that is powerful, not spread ourselves thin until we all lose interest. Most people aren’t thinking this through.

I’ve had three guilds now ask me to merge with them, and they are 200+ trophies below my guild, I mean, why? We have better masteries…10 players…etc…I just don’t get it lol.

What is the deal with all these guilds refusing to pack up and merge? The leadership is silly in this game anyways, no one cares!


I highly recommend this. The only issue is that there will likely be complications rising from the guild-to-merge-to of choice not having enough space for everyone to just hop on in. Depends on how high the guilds are and how occupied I guess (and whether Consoles have something different for all this).

Guild tasks are much more efficient in larger guilds. (Again, assuming Consoles have that working the same as on PC/Mobile…)


I’m glad that you agree with me. It seems people aren’t properly thinking this all through. If some guild came to me right now and was like hey, we have 10 people, you have 10 people, but we are 300 trophies ahead of you and multiple masteries higher…I’d do it!

…but no one has. All lower level guilds. Lower level masters. And they aren’t as active as me, I know they aren’t because they’d be higher than my guild lol!!!

I’ve heard all the excuses, we just started–so did we. I wouldn’t want to leave my group–you ALL can come! I have already donated X amount of X–so what, in the end it’s all going to be a waste if you aren’t in a guild that progresses toward the top!

Sigh…I’m kind of tiring of this. It’s making me consider stopping the game altogether to be quite honest. No one wants to work together, everyone is a rambo. The testosterone needs to be reduced a little here lol and we need to find an agreement because this is silly!


Lol chill winston


Is this the answer to achieve the 170 thousand plus trophies that the top 10 guilds each have? I don’t think so. A good idea but those top teams have the advantage of being here since the beginning. Doesn’t stop me from being active in my guild and donating as much as I can to tasks but I think things are a little one sided for the longtimers and besides - they have earned it.


Lol, shall I post everyone’s replies to me? I’m chill, I’m just the voice of reason. You’ll see, give it time. @collectorofgems we’re on the console and the top guilds only have less than 10k trophies.


I just don’t worry about it. I just like playing the game. I’m on pc platform. I have to say it was rewarding when all of our guild members worked hard to get into the top 100 these last couple of days but the consoles I guess haven’t been working at as long as the pc guilds.

In the end . . . . who cares? Lol. Play. Play. Play.


…I’m at this point, happily :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk…quite honestly I’ve been reading around several other forum topics, and most ideas pretty much get shut down by the community and I see so many negative replies to players’ suggestions.

…I really didn’t expect this appeal to people senses to work, and I do enjoy the game, I don’t really think patronizing someone for trying to organize guild members in a heavily guild based game is really productive either :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Moreover, in a forum topic dedicated to guild recruitment lol :wink:


I dont agree with You, cause we go to the top, i mean 12 place only in two weeks. why? we recruited great players like tkizzle, rashadow, borlog, storm and many other who contributed to our guild. we are not afraid of removing inactive members of the guild what give us vacancies we can fill with fresh players… human resources are the best asset in the guild… and everything is possible even if U stsart from a scratch :slight_smile:


hmmmm… it is easy to show some false Continuing the discussion from Low level guild mergers!:

What can I say… merge with us - Birch Team. Leadership is nothing. Who said that? Oh yes, you…
We ve got more trophies , more masteries and a lot of space for newcomers :slight_smile:
And a good prospect for first place.
But i have feeling that U ll refuse and im really curious what arguments will U use :slight_smile:


Sir, first of all, I cannot even understand what you’re trying to say. If you could perhaps formulate your words into something digestible I may be able to respond. Until then, please just stop trolling all over the place, you’re getting kind of cough…annoying. Sorry. You’re not a lower level guild, so no, I’m not merging with you. PLEASE READ THE TOPICS. Ugh.


ok sapphira. you are telling others to merge with your guild and you are sooo surprised that they dont want to do it. so i proposed you to merge with my guild. i just wanted you to taste your own medicine. we ve got more masteries, we are much higher in the rankings and it is obvious you should do what is in this situation obvious. you will not do this but You want other to do it… If You are thinking of others guilds as "not lower’ why dont You disband Yours and join them? because You ve got 200 trophies more? It makes Your guild better? Come on… :slight_smile: And if You talk about trolling, look whos talking :slight_smile: Double standards are really bad thing :slight_smile: truth is sometimes annoying , anyway :slight_smile:


Lol. Listen. I’m a 3rd year medical student about to become a doctor and I don’t have time for your nonsensical ramblings, and you’re really starting to get on my last nerve. You obviously didn’t read my many posts about wanting to build a guild from the beginning, and that I was not interested in merging with an established guild.

As far as Rosco liking your post this is really sad because he sent me several long messages on xbox about how annoying you are @Demolisz and how we should merge guilds.

Looks like the truth is sometimes annoying. @Rosco122 lol for days!!!


It was the guild I was annoyed at for spamming older posts but after messaging them they removed it without a problem so I’ve got no problems with them or anyone else, seem like a decent bunch when you talk to them. Same as you though don’t wish to merge as my guilds rising. It’s competitive on here with guild recruitment hence why even top teams have to advertise on here to get the numbers, wouldn’t take it to heart if people don’t join sapphira! This sort of game is never likely to be as popular on consoles as phones just be patient and sure people will join like they have with mine, rants don’t help though :stuck_out_tongue:


And I own my own business so we’re all busy hence why there are guilds so people chip in when others are away


Not to mention since this is xbox one number one spot only had just over 10k trophys.

Guild merger is by far and away the best bet but the communication in game between guilds is none existent… merging is kinda uphill.
Make sure to get as much friend adding and online (here, facebook, wherever) to make it go as smooth as possible.


3 rd year student of medicine. Wow. Should I be in awe? For me important thing is not what U do, but how :slight_smile:


Wow I thought xbox was more active. PS4 has 2 guilds over 10k and 2 others right around there. Top is over 20 at the moment with #2 gaining steadily on them.


A few are over 10k but none are at 20k