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Let’s face it Recruiting sucks! Players are far and few now. If your not a top 50 guild, it is even more difficult to find new players. Some players are not happy with the direction the game has taken. While others are just done either from burning out or frustration! I also recently cut several players who were not keeping up or inactive. This has opened up several spots in our 3 guilds.

You may run or be in a guild that has great players but they all don’t play at the same level, some do way more some do way less. Slowly but steadily your heavy hitters go find a new home. As you become more desperate to find new players just to fill the spots. You take in players that clearly can’t keep up and eventually they are kicked and the entire process just keeps repeating itself! This is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results!

The player base I currently have in each guild are solid and loyal. I just need a few great players to fill in the gaps in each guild! So if your running a struggling guild or in a struggling guild. Are sick of recruiting just to have players leave a day or two or week or two later and want to be in a full guild immediately were everyone contributes equally and treats each other respectfully.

Then consider merging with -=GiB=- Games In Brotherhood were a family of 3 guilds.

Participation In Events Required!

Rank 11 Two Spots - Complete everything.
Suggested Levels 1000+
Gold 600K, Seals 1500, Trophies 300

Rank 34 Seven Spots - All Guardians 40K Seals Most Event Stages.
Suggested Levels 500 to 1000
Gold 522K, Seals 1333, Trophies 200

Rank 121 Six spots - 20K Seals Several Event Stages.
Suggested Levels 300 to 500
Gold 200K, Seals 900, Trophies 100

If your worried about breaking the gang up, we have a discord server were all members help and work together. So you will still be able to stay in touch with everyone no matter what guild they get placed in.

A merge can make things right instantly for us both. It helps us and helps you. So everyone can get back on track playing instead of wasting time recruiting! If interested Message / replay here or DM on Xbox gamer tag RipclaW GiB and I can tell you much more about what we have to offer.