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Are you in a guild all by yourself? I have an idea for you!

I have noticed empty guilds and guilds with only 1 person. For whatever reason these guilds are empty or almost empty. I propose that my guild merge with your guild. We are currently in Bracket 51 in guild wars and it would be 2019 before we could get half way to the top. We want to circumvent the process!

Send me a message at Wyoming Pixel gamertag or reply here with your guild war bracket. One of our admins would join your guild and confirm your guild wars bracket. Once confirmed we would take leadership of the guild and give you the option of staying on as admin. If your willing to allow us to merge then the least we could do is allow you to be a part of our guild.

Who knows why your guild became empty. Maybe you all are friends and found another game to play? Maybe a top member left and every one thought they were a better leader and followed them out? Maybe your an awesome player that doesn’t have time for politics? Maybe your requirements were too demanding? To be honest we don’t care how or why. All we know is whatever reason it was is also the reason that we would take over leadership.

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