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Bracket 1 Xbox guild now 0/30 members!

So how will this affect Guild Wars? Can we even fight a guild with 0 members? Afaik there is no precedent to know how this will work.


Really? How on earth did this happen in 3 weeks?

0/30? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Visual bug or was the guild dismantled by the leader?

Dismantled guild.

I’m curious how this affects us too. I assume they would be removed from the schedule, but I honestly have no idea.

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Hmmmm… i’m sort of curious about what happened, but well i can imagine there is uncecessary drama involved because things wouldn’t end like this if the problem would have been resolved with civility…

Yeah some kind of drama I suppose. But id rather this thread stay on topic of how it affects other bracket 1 guilds in gw.


Wow really? Im not at home wich guild is dismantled? I don’t think it’s a callout since they all gone

They evolved again is a clue so I wont call anyone out

Evolved or exploded? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that team should be removed and the team who was in 9th should be bumped back up.

Really sad.

Any comment @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra? 1 hour till reset and if nothing is done will totally ruin this guild wars for xbox.

yes it is.

Its fixed because we do not face them

Dark Alliance got bumped up…yay!


They’re still there on leaderboard, but not on GW schedule. Looks like 9th place team got moved to B1.