This idea is on hold for awhile

Show me the money! :gem:

:gem_blue: We want your guild to be the best it can be.

:gem_brown: We want to take your guild and make it stronger, more cohesive, more productive.

:gem_green: Our proposal is to come to your guild and take ownership of OUR guild.

:gem_red: We would then create a structure, leadership, discipline, and potential.

:gem_yellow: We would NOT boot you, and your active members, out and ruin all the work everyone has already put in.

:gem_skull: We WOULD boot out moochers and people who think they have earned the right to kick back and do nothing.

:gem_blue: Have friends in your guild that you can’t figure out how to motivate?

:gem_purple: We would bring some of our members into the guild as well.

:gem_brown: We will treat your current guild members as our own.

:gem_green: If you have some members that are already established we could offer them a spot in a higher ranking fully functional guild.

:gem_purple: Do you have some members who are out on excused absence for real life issues?

:gem_yellow: We would allow the ones, who are out for known reasons, to stay.

:gem_skull: If all of this sounds like a good idea, or really close to what you are looking for, then let’s talk about it.

:gem: Reply here, XBOX live direct message Wyoming Pixel, or just look for any of my numerous forum post and reply on one of them.

:gem_green: We have a rotating global channel, other than 001, so it’s highly likely we won’t see a global 001 message.

:gem_red: We have close to 2 full guilds sharing ideas, stategies, team building, pet rescue announcements, and whatever in our global channel.

:gem_yellow: This collaboration could add 30 more voices when fully operational.

Adding @Asuna_Scarlette @Sir_Stabs