We are looking for someone to lead a developmental guild

We need someone who likes to teach new players how to succeed with very limited resources.
This guild would be strictly for players that either just started playing, only want to play once a great while, want a laid back guild, or anything else that would be considered very casual.
Getting kingdoms to level 10 would pretty much be a graduation to our more serious guild.
Guild rank in this guild would not really matter.
This is for sure not a guild that is not supposed to complete every event.
Of course a balance would have to be maintained of people on vacation from the game/ people playing occasionally/ and people actually trying to progress in the game.
You could even create an alternate account and use it to run this guild.
We just need you to be available to assist people when they have questions about team building/ strategies/ best ways to earn gold/ best ways to earn souls/ moving up to the more serious guilds/ what is expected in our more serious guilds.
This guild may not seem important but you would be setting the foundation of a good guild member.
A strong stucture needs an even stronger foundation.
You would of course have our leadership to step in the event that you have to deal with real life issues but it would have to be very temporary.
If this sounds like something you might like to do reply here or send me an Xbox live message to Wyoming Pixel or Kansas Pixel if I am leveling up my alt.

I guess I might need to clarify that we already have two strong guilds formed. This guild would be the high school team to our college and pro team. Getting kingdoms to 10 would be graduation time.

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