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[CLOSED] Guild looking for... A fusion!

Hi there,

My guild, United Questers is dying out.
At our best, we reached top 45, but we are now decaying, reaching top 70 today.

We lost many core members at once due to boredom or people unhappy with some drastic changes made to the game.
The problem is that we are unable to renew our player base with players that fill our requirements, and every week the player we kick for not reaching our requirements are replaced with people that don’t fill them either.

The thing is, we have good players, dragged down by people that just want to slack and take advantage of our stronger players, and there goes an endless spiral of good players leaving because of slackers, leaving room for more slackers… You get the idea.

The point is, the guild isn’t attractive anymore, but it has good players, strong willed enough to keep dragging that burden for so long. Given a spot in a well crowded guild, they could do so much better.

So, this thread is adressed to other guilds in the same kind of situation than we are : we could merge.
Make one strong guild out of two dying ones.

But without further talk, let’s get down to business and speak of requirements.

Our requirements have been :
250K gold
1000 guild seals
150 trophies
All guild wars battle done (not necessarily won, and no points required)

But the top players are steadily doing
over 500K
1500 guild seals
300 trophies
All of wich are requirements to get promoted to up to guild rank 3 (part of our management rules)
+Around 45K points in bracket ~ 10 (yes, we’ve dropped that low)

Also, if you consider moving your guild in ours instead of us moving to your guild, here are our Guild Guardian levels :
Red : 152
Blue : 147
Green : 138
Yellow : 136
Purple : 119
Brown : 122

Might be worth adding our Management rules… But it’s a long text I won’t add in this post, but would rather send by PM to anyone asking for it via the same mean.

I don’t know if this thread will see the answers it’s looking for, but it’s worth the long shot.

Thanks for reading.


Hey there! I’m from Realm of the Undead, rank 47 right now. We’ve lost a few members to tightened requirements in the last week. I don’t know how many members you have who are looking for spaces, but I suspect there are a few who are waiting to see whether we’re stabilizing or losing more folks, heh. Currently our reqs are 400-500k, 200-250t, max seals, and some GW reqs.

Whether we’re in a position to hand off some players or join forces, I’m up for talking about it :slight_smile:

It’s never easy suffering through growing/dying pains. But if you have a strong core, I’m sure you all will survive this too. Best of luck to all of you in the future!

Come Join Druids Alliance if you are still looking! :smiley:


Just a quick note : I posted that yesterday late at night, wich is why I didn’t reply to anyone yet.

Your answers are valuable, but my opinion alone isn’t enough, I gotta ask the opinions of my fine guildmates beforehand, but I’ll message anyone making an offer tonight.

(About 11 hours from now)

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Your top player requirements fit well with Intrim 2, and your general requirements fit well with I3. If you don’t mind splitting players across the two guilds, with potential for movement based on preference and performance, we can certainly find space for your group of players.

For reference, I3 has been in the top 5 brackets for the past 3 weeks or so, and I2 has been in bracket 1, with 5 6th place finishes over the past 5 weeks (that’s 400 gems per week!).

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Heads up : it’s answer time.
I’ve had more propositions than I expected (a couple answer right here on the forums, and much more via PM)

All of these wich are more or even more interesting, so, for the time being I have to collect the thoughts of my core members, I can’t come up with a final answer just yet, but I’ll message you with my own, personal opinion on your proposal.

I’m still open to new propositions, if I get to be picky, but I’m pretty sure some of the solutions I received are good enough that it would be adopted.

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Je viens de voir votre message,notre guilde s’appelle Tamriel, et nous recherchons plusieurs membres actifs, nous sommes lvl 60, gvg tranche 4. Nos pré requis sont 520 k or, 1500 sceaux et minimum 350 trophées ainsi que la gvg obligatoire.
Nous avons un discord à votre disposition.
Vous pouvez me contacter sur le forum ou me contacter sur le chat 300 et demander Alysha.
Merci d’avance.


We lost 14 members the person in charge kick a lot then 3 of the higher ups left we need 14 players. Our guild is in 25th position but much lower in Wars. I have come no invite needed so if your interested join us,we really want to get back to 15th and then go higher.we can do this together as a team!

We lost 14 members after the person running things kick a lot of people the 3 highest players left! We are in 25th in league and need to get back to 15th and then go higher. I know we could do this as a team! No invite needed to join us Light Army

Totally np—my sincere apologies for taking some time to respond! I had typed out something in a notes app and forgot to actually copy it over, facepalm!

So do you want to fuse the guilds? I will be going to another guild and you with your players can come over to Light Army. Itis level 25 in league but like 80 something in war bracker.Please let me asap or I will have to appoint someone into my spot.

Some news from United Questers :

We are having a vote about what solution we should go for among the many propositions we’ve had.

Sadly I have a heck of a time gathering my members on the forum (they are active in game, but most of them doesn’t even want to make an account on the forum).

I’d like to have all their votes, and maybe doing a second turn with the top 3 propositions, but considering how they didn’t bother sharing their opinion, at some point I’ll just have to go with the few votes I’ve gathered and close the debate, because most offers are temporary and need to be answered fast.

So, with the urgence to give a definite answer and, at the same time, the need to think this through, I’ll let the poll on until the end of this week, after what, if I’ve had more than half of the interested members sharing their opinion and a tie in the votes, I’ll do a second turn. Otherwise, this will end after this Sunday.

I’ll keep you posted here.


The ones who respond are the ones who care about the guild anyway.
Their opinions are the ones you need to focus on.
Just don’t drag on too long because you’re being held back by the irrelevant people.

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Courage à vous je sais combien steph il est difficile de prendre cette décision.
Bonne semaine et surtout prenez votre temps
J’espère de tout coeur que tu continueras d’avancer et que tu trouveras la bonne guilde.


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Hi again folks.

The votes are now closed, a second turn will be needed because the opinions of my guildmates are clearly divided.

On one hand some want to keep going as United Questers, just rethink a couple rules in the guild to smooth things out, on the other hand, some want to join NowayJoe2Go’s Drudic Alliance, because their requirements and goals are close to ours.

Thank everyone for your various propositions, the rest will be handled privately.
See you around !


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