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[27/30] #71 United Questers are recruiting!

Hello reader,

Before any wordy introduction of our guild and it’s situation, here are the main informations you might be interested in :

[UPDATED : 11/12/2017]

  • We are currently 27 / 30 members
  • Trophy wise, we are #71
  • Guild War wise, we are in bracket 12 (#111-#120)
  • Our requirements are : 250k gold, 1000 seals, 150 trophies
  • People below level 300 are allowed to contribute 100k gold, 1500 seals, 75 trophies instead
  • Promotions through ranks 4 and 3 are reached via a week’s contribution of 500k, 1500 seals, 300 trophies
  • Not meeting these requirements any week will result in penalties ranging from demotion to kick
  • The Guild War fights are mandatory, but we don’t judge on the results / point scored
  • We are not forcing anyone to use any other communication system than the in-game chat
  • Not being able to play for a week or two every once in a while is understandable if a reason is given
  • All our guild totems are above lvl 100 (maximum bonus reached)

If this sounds like a good fit for you, than you might as well read on to learn how we handle the Guild, as well as a bit about it’s past.

I haven’t always been the Guild Master, I’m not even the oldest member within the guild. But we are an old guild, we’ve lived on for quite a while, I can’t even remember the nickname of the first Guild Master !

We’ve always relied on public, open recruitment to find our members, even though we had a recruitment thread we maintained a little while, most of our members just came because they saw an open spot in a high rank guild, and thought they were up for the challenge.

Time have passed, GoW’s community has changed, and there are now more people that will see an opportunity to get free stuff than a challenge in this open door. And our door went wide open when a couple of our best player just left the game, either out of boredom or of disapointment with the games updates.

Weakened by the flood of these opportunist, we now have to close the door, and rely only on private recruitment, wich means recruitment will now only go through this thread, or messaging me privatly.

At the end of every week (mind that I live in the European time zone, wich, in practice, means that the week ends ~8 hours before the actual game reset hour), I check the contributions of every players, then I promote, demote and kick people accordingly.

At the moment, we don’t apply any penalties for people not playing in the Guild Wars, but we will eventually get to it when the guild gets stronger players. However, not playing Guild Wars won’t allow anyone to get a promotion.

Rules are strictly applied. The same penalty is applied wether you missed 20k gold or 1 gold : demotion. If you are already on the lowest rank (wich you are on when you join the guild), you’ll be kicked. The rules are simple, the bar is set low enough for anyone to be able to reach it, if you don’t, that’s on you. Besides, strictly enforcing the rules makes it fair for everyone.

Whenever someone leaves the guild or gets kicked, I’ll update this thread, and will send an in-game invite to up to twice the people that we said farewell to, wich means if you don’t answer fast, the spot may be taken by someone else ! My aim here is to have everyone recruited by Monday night, so that people will be able to take part in the Guild War.

That’s about all there is to say on United Questers, now it’s your turn to introduce yourself, don’t forget to mention how much you usually contribute, your invite code and anything you feel like adding… If you want to join us that is !


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First post was made when we were still full, so I wouldn’t have to do it right after management time (since it’s usually around midnight for me), but now, we actually have spots to welcome you in !

(no, no, bump-post no es here)