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[Open] Guild Recruitment: Some Guild - Top 50

“Some Guild” is an active and social guild, currently rank 30 and climbing.

What we offer:

  • 300% gold bonus
  • all statues at 90+
  • usually 6/6 tasks (with legendary tasks possible)
  • Access to the top tier guild chest at least once a month
  • An active chat where people can give you advice if needed, share ideas or just talk

What we expect:

  • All members are required to be active in pvp (That means at least tier 1)
  • Contribute as much as you are comfortable with. We have a minimum of 150k weekly contribution, but we expect you to try and exceed that (our average is above 400k).
  • Polite behavior towards all other people in the guild.
  • Do your part to get the best tier of the guild chest each first reset of the month (Which means the target is 1500 seals)
  • To get a heads-up from you if you know you can’t make the requirements. Especially the seal one!

Players of all level are considered, if they can meet the requirements. Please give us at least this much info about yourself:

  • Your level
  • Kingdom levels
  • Average weekly gold contribution
  • Average seals you get per week (and by when)
  • Your usual weekly trophy count

Also please be honest about those things. We will notice it if you write that you get 1500 seals every week and then you only get 200… We aren’t blind.

(You can post here even when we are full if you want, but I can make no promises as to when a spot will free up in that case.)

I’ll bite.

Invite code: KLUTZY

I send you an invite.

Welcome to the team!


I’m a 2weeks old player on gow (lvl61), but I play on every day
so if some of your guild’s spots are still free, I’ll be happy to be in.

My invite code : CPT. SLOW AIM

Invite send. Welcome!

Can I join yours?
Code : NORST_2
Thank you :)))

Send you an invite. Welcome!

We still have open spots.

Bump. We still open spots.

I’m active if you’re still open

Invite code VAELIC

Invite send. Welcome!

Recruitment is still open.

I’m active. pls Invite me. code kartene 1

Hm, I’m getting a “Does not exist” when I enter “kartene 1”. Already tried a few different combinations too, they either don’t exist or are in a guild. :frowning:
Could you confirm the invite code again for me?

Recruitment is open.

(Updated the guild data.)

We have some open spots again.

I would like to join your guild,im still a newbie.(only level 5 lol)My plan is to become powerful at low level,unlock all kingdoms very early.I cant do this without a guild,that do a lot of tasks each day.I will try to get as much trophies as possible.I played the game already,so I know a lot of things.Main priority is to get Tyri asap for me.My invite code is SARGERAS.

I would be interested in joining but I’m only level 50 and am just starting to upgrade my kingdoms so gold is slim at this time…

We are full right now, but there will likely be 1-2 spots open before Monday. Also we do by now have a minimum contribution of 10k gold (with nearly everyone contributing a lot more than that) and require that our members be active in pvp.

Please let me know if you are still interested! :slight_smile:

Also most people in the guild are still upgrading their kingdoms, but still contribute as much as they do.

I can manage 10k and I do try to push for rank 1 each week.

Let me know when you open a slot so I can quit my current guild?


Two free spots at the moment.