[OUTDATED] For Guild Leaders! - Invitation to a Guild Merge

We have a couple of spots open and could accept a small ambitious guild to join us!

If you made a guild with a couple of friends only, maybe this offer is for you! Our guild community is very friendly and we do chat in the guild chat, also we are always happy to share info and help each other any time. we offer the benefits of a top 50 guild as quite high leveled statues and a lot of task complete each week :slight_smile: (for more details check our recruitment link below)

(right now only 6 spots, but it can be discussed as well as other details)

the data for when i create this topic:
Some Guild - lv 497
red 102, blue 102, green 101, yellow 97, purple 101, brown 95

our policy/ general requirements you can find atour recruitment topic: [Open] Guild Recruitment: Some Guild - Top 50

however we are currently re-thinking the requirements so that can be discussed as well

if you are interested please contact me, write here or in our recruitment topic linked above.

@Yonur - guild master, @Fifthelement - vice guild master

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