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We’re a friendly founded on Feb 9th 2017 by two long-time players that decided we wanted to play GoW in a more relaxed and less competitive way. We’ve made a lot of progress until now and we want to keep going with a group of motivated players.

Level: 160
Ranking: 482
Statues: lv 64-67
Weekly Tasks (avg): 9-10 tasks per color
Guild Chest Level: 5 (we always reach 20,000 seals, but not yet 40k)

Everyone is welcome – new and old players – as long as you’re willing to follow our simple rules and requirements (low-leveled, starting players could have lower gold requirements, too).

Be respectful! This rule is EXTREMELY important. GoW is just a game, and players are real people.

Minimum weekly requirement:
100k gold (50k for players leveling their kingdoms)*
650 seals

* for people leveling their kingdoms, we also accept trophies as contribution instead of gold

Note: We don’t have a minimum trophy requirement. We believe that you should play in a way that better suits your needs. Participating in Guild Wars is desirable, but not required. Sentinels are entirely optional. Despite all that, we’re doing very well on Guild Wars.

We also prefer communication via our discord server chat, but it’s not mandatory. Although you don’t have to be chatty, some minimal communication level (again, not necessarily on discord) is desirable.

We currently have no free spot(s). If you’re interested, leave your invite code! If we’re out of spots, we can put you on a queue, too.

You can also try contacting @kanevan if I don’t reply fast enough.

Thought id slide in and say hello!!!


We have 1 free spot now

We’re recruiting again!

We’re looking for 1 more member!

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Hi I’m looking for new guild cause my current guild is stagnant and even though we have 30 members, most of them are ghost, and rest don’t contribute much. I can offer 100k gold every week cause rest I spend on my kingdoms, 1,5k of seals and 100+ trophies.

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Send me your invite code and I’ll invite you =)

EDIT: Actually, I’ve found your invite code, but you’re still in a guild. Tell me when you leave it so I can send you an invite.

Ok, I already left my guild. Waiting for inv.

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We’re recruiting again!

Here’s our performance last week:

(just to be clear, it says +65 in the league position, but it means we moved up 65 spots)

Our guild does really well, while still keeping a casual atmosphere with no pressure to go higher than minimum requirements (which can be seen in the OP).

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Still looking for 1 member.

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1 spot still open =)

Recruitment closed! =)

We’re recruiting yet again! Times are hard, eh?

Here’s our performance last week:

(just to be clear, we moved up 40 spots in the league)

Our guild does really well, while still keeping a casual atmosphere with no pressure to go higher than minimum requirements (which can be seen in the OP).

We have TWO spots!

Hi ME(Kaprik) and my friend (Syntax) want to join your guild.

For me (110 lvl) is not problem 100k Gold , 1500seals nad 200 trophis.
Syntax around (50lvl) 50 K Gold 1500 selas and trophies also around 100

Could we leave our guild?

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Alright, we’re closed again.

Hello. Do you accept players who speak little English? I am a French player and I am looking for a guild like yours. Code: TUNKS thanks google for the translation

We’re full now, but I don’t see much problem. We can put you in a queue, if you want, but I have no estimate of when a spot will be available. If you’re having trouble understanding, you can ask @kanevan, our co-leader, since he’s French.

Salut, si besoin n’hésite pas à m’envoyer un message privé si c’est plus simple pour toi en français.

Actuellement on est complet, on peut te mettre sur la liste d’attente, mais sans savoir quand il y aura de la place de disponible… A toi de voir. :wink:

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We have 1 spot open! Make sure you apply before the weekly reset if you want to participate in Guild Wars with us next week.

Here’s how we did last week:
(just to be clear, we moved up 40 spots in the league)

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