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Looking for a GOOD and FAIR Guild

I am an active player LEVEL 170. My guild is 246 Rank and i am standing tier 2 but we have problem with communication after the update. Members don’t equally contribute and our leader don’t kick people easy so i am looking for a Guild with rules and equality.
I can contribute 200k - 250k , 1100 - 1300 seals, 200 - 300 trophies per week.
I am 30 years old and from Greece.

Invite code : zougaman


We have one spot open in Realm of the Undead.
Very active guild, rank 280.
Members contribute fairly based on their level.
I monitor daily and kick inactives.
Will send invite, you can check us out.
Mariana, GM

Joining chat group on LINE is required

It’s says you are already in a guild, you have to leave it firs

yes i am and thx for the invite.
I have some invites and trying to find the right one.

omg I thought the name of the thread was ‘Looking for a good and fair girl.’ I was thinking these forums really let themselves go. I just woke up so that could be why. Good luck!

No i am ok with the girl.