Lots of Previews - Guild Wars, Crafting, Dungeons, and more!

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t had much time to stop by the forums lately, as we’ve been racing towards the Unity Update to Gems of War on iOS/Android, along with changes to Guild Wars, AND Crafting - coming in the 3.1 update.

So… Today, I wanted to do 2 things:

  • Share some of the minor changes we’re making to Guild Wars next week (on ALL platforms), when it starts back up
  • Give you a bit of a taste for a few things that are coming soon (including a first look at the crafting menu)


Why did we even take it offline?

Good question! It was potentially a silly thing to do, since Guild Wars has really been moving the needle in some key areas… more players were definitely playing more often, in fact I think almost every single KPI about the game was doing better than pre-guild wars. HOWEVER, we still want to make the game the best it can be, and so, given some of the feedback we’d received, we thought we’d give it a 2 week rest while we figured out ways to improve it some more.

When is it back?


What is changing when it comes back?

We’re keeping it simple for now, just so we don’t have to do a client update, which means console, PC and mobile can all get the same update together. We’re going to change the following 3 things:

  • All battles are now worth 300 points, not 100 – 500. The reason for this will become clearer below.
  • We’re altering the scoring system, from its current form where you gain points for winning, using colored troops, and not losing allies to something that takes a number of other things into account.
  • We’re reducing the weekly troop type bonuses from 25% to 10%

How did we arrive at these? HOURS of discussion, good-natured arguing, and looking at data AND all the info everyone here on the forums has provided in the GW thread! Details on these changes are below…

Change #3: Reducing Weekly Troop Bonuses

I’ll start with the last one first, as it’s the simplest to explain. 25% bonuses can just push good troops into being annoying. That’s not cool, and it’s PARTICULARLY disheartening for mid-game players sometimes, I think, as well as making end game seem a bit stale. We want to keep the bonuses, as they’re fun and help convince a lot of players to try new things, but we’re going to try a reduction from 25% to 10%, so they’re not quite as punishing to face.

Change #2: Altering the scoring system

Now… The new scoring calculation. You’ll all want to know the exact details, I’m SURE! I’m not going to give you the EXACT details (since we’ll tweak it, I’m certain), but I AM going to describe all the parts for you.

Colored score bonuses WILL remain the same btw.

Stepping back for a moment, let’s look at the CURRENT calculation. I LIKE simple things… simple formulae, simple designs, simple visuals… You get the idea. Simple rules are generally harder to exploit, and more intuitive to grasp, so I use them whenever I can. The problem is that the current scoring system is a simple thing that had a single complication layered on top of it… for a good reason, but still, that single complication is where the problem lies.

SO why did we add this single complication? It goes something like this: We’d like a simple system to represent your victory. However, at the top-tier, just giving points for a win would leave too many people tied on points at the end of the week, so we introduce one extra thing… you get a few less points for each troop you lose. That ONE extra rule tells our best players: “Hey! If you want to maximize your results, you should use the most efficient methods of killing enemy troops AND making sure yours are NOT killed. So Devourers & Summoners enter the meta for defense & offense respectively. There was a clear optimal strategy, and we can’t blame players for following it.

Now since we can’t simplify the rule, we only really have one option left and that is to add some more (preferably orthogonal) rules, based on what we observe “good” players doing (and by orthogonal rule, I mean rules that are mostly independent of each other). The rules we’ve chosen are based around 4 facts:

  • Good players lose less troops (that’s the one we already have!)
  • Good players win their game in less moves
  • Good players have far higher mana efficiency (i.e. their mana collected, in proportion to their opponent’s mana is far higher)
  • Good players have far higher damage efficiency (i.e. their damage dealt, in proportion to their opponent’s damage is far higher)

Now we have 4 things contributing to a score in such a way that they each push a different type of troop into the meta… Do we go for cheap kills? Slow games? Large AoE damage outputs? Or board control? Our hope is that the relative balance of these things ,and people’s varying experience with them, cause a bit more variety to appear in the end-game meta for Guild Wars.

Change #1: Battles are now ALL worth 300 points

There is one inherent problem with using moves, mana efficiency, and damage efficiency for scoring though; it can be affected by a little bit of luck. A VERY unlucky game could affect your score. And thus, the final part of this puzzle… homogenizing all the base scores to 300… So an unlucky paragon battle does NOT ruin your daily points disproportionately. The luck DOES even out in the long term, and we’ve noticed players do converge on actual efficiency numbers as you look across multiple gameplay sessions.

What is changing in the FUTURE for Guild Wars?

We’ve identified a few areas to change that WILL require a client update. This will NOT be in 3.1… we’ve got quite enough OTHER stuff going into that one, without the extra work! We may have a 3.1.5 shortly after 3.1 launches to add these. This is still in discussion.

The first thing is something you all talked about and seemed in agreement on (amazingly!), and it was only counting the top 27 players for score. We’re quite willing to experiment with that, but it WILL require a client update.

This next one is the big one though, and actually has me quite excited. It’s the idea of a Defense Menu where you can properly set up your defenses. The reason we’d like to go to a defense menu is that I think we could do something a little sneaky and different, and that is giving a bonus to your weekly points for how many different troops you use in a week’s defense teams! For example, use all 24 troops as different, and you get the maximum multiplier. You could still put the same team in every day, but your multiplier would be small, since you would have only used 4 troops for the week. This system WOULD require your defenses locked in on Day 1, but we have a few more logistical issues to figure out before we begin any work on it!

And finally… OTHER STUFF!

Last thing today is that I just wanted to give you all a heads-up about a few things coming soon (with pictures!)

First one is a graphic refresh to the UI.

I’m starting with this one, because you’ll see it in the Soulforge & Dungeon screenshots below! Basically Gems is showing its age a little bit, and we’d like to give it a slick new upgrade to look like a game from 2017! This is quite a big change, and is still a work in progress, so don’t judge too harshly!


Full disclosure: This is a mockup, and not from the actual game! It’s ALSO not quite final yet. Apart from Soulforge & Dungeon Menus, you won’t be seeing this new UI until 3.2!

Next is the crafting system - the Soulforge.

Here is a first screenshot of crafting. I’m not going to go into any details on crafting TODAY (more coming on that later), but just wanted to give you a teaser for the various bits of crafting! Crafting needs a new resource called JEWELS, and Jewels come from the next item down…


Full disclosure: Another mockup, though we have this screen working in game now, and it looks like this one! Also… numbers on here WILL change!

The Dungeon System

Every day has a different Dungeon, and each Dungeon has 3 wicked bosses to fight! For beating them, you get… you guessed it… Jewels! Each day’s dungeon is themed around a different element (except for Sunday – it’s special), and allows you to win Jewels of the appropriate color! Simple!


Full disclosure: Another mockup, though we have this screen working in game now, and it looks like this one! Also… numbers on here WILL change!

Okay, that’s enough from me. Stay tuned for more previews though when I get a chance!


First im a gangsta!


Psshhh… You didn’t even read the post.




That seems to be a game changer, I really like the def battles changes on GW, the crafting seems cool, and doing the dungeons may be something to look foreword to and keeping people comming back


Time to get that hype train rolling! @Vangor! Please be the conductor of this train!


Thanks for the preview post!!! I’m sure everyone would love it (Including me) if you typed a bit more descriptive text about the crafting screen shot and explaining various items a bit more :grinning:.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the new GW scoring system works out in action next week.


Now the real question is… which part of this update will more people talk about? The GW changes or crafting?

I like the proposed changes to GW scoring, and I’m glad there is a little bit of mystery there. I’m sure someone will eventually figure out how the system is scored, but it’s nice to just go in blind for a couple of weeks. I’m just glad GW is back for next week!

Also, thanks for the Soulforge sneak peek! I like the early sound of this all. Some people may gripe about having to come back a certain day to get the jewel they need, but I don’t mind it. It also only appears to be 3 more battles.


So when is the update?

Coming Soon™


What’s soon really?

So will there be any us for my 700,00+ souls, or will I just keep watching them tick to a million?

For anyone wondering how much work the dev team does, convert the time stamp on the OP (12:30 EST, or so) to Australian time.

Edit for extra crankiness: not a huge fan of the menu redesign. I don’t particularly care for the Apple-led(?) wave of thin lines, high contrast, and flat colors that has swept the UI community since iOS 7 or whenever. Too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube, though, so I will just live with it as I have all the other menus for the last few years.


It’s called the SOULFORGE for a reason :wink:


God bless you, good sir!

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Ok after reading this i am going to be as uncontroversial as possible (shocking i know)

  1. The per fight point change: i understand why but i dont like it… I dont feel the paragon battle should be worth the same as the soldier battle since in theory it should be the more difficult battle

  2. The event week bonus reduction: this just seems unnecessary to me… I am a mid game player and i have absolutely no problem fighting a 4x scale guard or astral spirit or spirit fox teams… There is a strategy to defeat EVERYTHING

  3. A question and maybe i misunderstood but does this mean that we will no longer be receiving bonus points for mono color teams?

  4. The new UI: I absolutely LOVE IT!!! :beer:Here’s hoping its as awesome on release as it is in the mock-up. Well done dev team!

  5. The 27 players and def menu: I think these are excellent ideas and love that they are coming in the future! (Hopefully slip in some seals per GW battle won as well😎 @Sirrian)

  6. Crafting and the soulforge: YES! YES! YES! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!

  7. The dungeon system: +100000 to this! I love it! I have wanted something like this for 87 years! Finally it is coming! (Doing the happy dance)

Overall impressions: First i want to thank the dev team for all their hard work! :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer: My hat is off to the team​:sunglasses:

Second i want to say thank you @Sirrian for this sneak peak! You have made this gorilla a happy ape! I am excited for the future of this game in spite of the changes im not entirely thrilled with. If these new things are as awesome as they seem now it will ensure i will be playing GoW into the foreseeable future and (to the chagrin of some im sure) a member of these forums for a very long time!

Vangor out!


What about maps? lol im sitting on a few thousand


I’m looking forward to this dungeon system sounds cool. Especially if it can be some type of raid where the whole guild contributes.


One question about using the top 27 scores. Would that be only taking the top 27 scores each day or looking at the top 27 for the week? Since it’s possible say for some people to have great single days yet for the week still fall to the bottom.

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