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Lol at 10 event chest opening fixed sorry took me awhile :D

Here i said what the hey lets do it, i don’t have the behemoth yet and i want it.

1 runic earth
2 rakshanin
3 rakshanin
4 war sphinx
5 finley
6 rakshanin
7 chimera
8 behemoth(SWEET)
9 rakshanin
10 rakshanin

Got what i wanted luckily, but if your wanting the rakshanin card apparently now is a good time to unbox those 10 event chests aka 143 gems

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I believe you mean event chest.

I did 10 too and got a similar payout:

  1. Rakshanin
  2. Rakshanin
  3. Rakshanin
  4. Arcane Traitstone
  5. War Sphinx
  6. Behemoth
  7. Chimera
  8. Finley
  9. Red
  10. Yellow
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Is it ok to complain about the rakshanin drop rate from the chest or no?

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depends if u like him want to ascend him or what not, i got the intended target the behemoth, and i current have 2 teams built around rakashanin for the event :smiley: so for me Personally i don’t or didn’t mind

I opened 50 event chests about a month ago and ended up with 19 Blade Dancers! I decided to stick with Gem chests after that. They seem a bit more random.

I did it too, opened 40 event keys, lots of Chimeras, Rakshanins, War Sphinxs, but still no Behemoth for me! I have no luck… :sob:

I am new to event keys. Probably the dumbest question in the world, but I try…

Was it likely easy to get Spring Imp last week in the event key opening, as it was to get Rakshanin this week?

Event Chests are only good if you want a very specific troop that’s in the chest that week. Preferbaly if it has a couple (ideally the Legendary and an Ultra-Rare).

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Likewise I have also been looking for a specific troop from Pridelands, which was NOT Behemoth because I had already bought that one. So here’s what I unboxed from this week’s event chests:

1 Black Beast
2 Rakshanin
3 Rakshanin
4 Rakshanin
5 War Sphinx
6 Shadow Hunter NEW
7 Rakshanin
8 Chimera
9 Rakshanin
10 Runic Wind Traitstone

Now if only I had enough resources to obtain the Salamander troop too so I can try out a 4 troop team from Pridelands. Funny thing is, Salamander seems to be rather shy in showing up compared to War Sphinx and Chimera.

I’d like to know this too. When there’s a Legendary available from the current weekly pack, is there a somewhat higher chance of obtaining that same card again from 10 of that week’s kingdom-specific chests?

Also, what kind of event troops appear in the box when Primal is the featured kingdom?

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The featured kingdom was not Primal, but was actually Forest of Thorns.
Whether or not Spring Imp was in the chest I cannot confirm, as I never purchase Event Chests.

1 thing I’m wondering about Event chests that I was going to ask in its own thread but it seems to be on topic here.

Are you only supposed to receive troops from the kingdom the week’s event is on, or just much more likely that you’d receive troops from that kingdom? I see War Sphinx in a few of the drops people posted, but not that common. I’m asking because when I open event chests, it looks like I’m just as likely to pull troops from anywhere as I am to maybe pull the event troop (and other troops from that kingdom). War Sphinx, Grave Knight, and Drake Rider for example are still common pulls for me out of the Event Chests though I’ve also snagged a Druid too.

I’m also on the PS4 if that matters here. But in general just curious as to how they’re supposed to work exactly based on what I’m seeing in others and myself. Just bad RNG or something else?

Event Chests will only give Epic or Legendary troops from the featured kingdom, but Ultra Rare troops could be from the featured kingdom or a select few other random Ultra’s thrown in.

Just to cover all bases, Traitstones earned from Event Chests are as random as Gem Chests.

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Spring Imp was pictured as available prize card last week on the event chest page. So it was available to get it, what I miss the answer for is how easy/hard it would had been to pull her or any other new legendaries event troops from an event chest?

For me this week was quite satisfying, on my 19 event keys i’ve obtained enough Behemoths to make a Mythic, got more Rakshanins to make a legendary and got a Shadow Hunter. Later i’ve obtained the Salamander from a glory chest and completed the Pridelands collection.


I tried my luck getting that one Behemoth for mythic ascension, no luck…

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Sometimes things seems unfair as opening 66 glory chests and not getting a single new card.
Sad, but true story for me on a past month.

yeah twice before i tried to get a card i needed from a kingdom and failed, this is the 2nd time i’ve done the 10 event chests and gotten a crap ton of the reward card. Did it for the runesmith and got like 4 or 5 of him as well. dunno but maybe the lower the rarity of the card the higher the chance for getting multiples outta the event chests. As i’m normally gem poor i don’t really get to try that thought process out :frowning:

But to be fair, one cant expect too much out of 66 glory chests.