. Dudes, did anyone get Pharos-Ra in event chest or other chest this week?

.I was really pleased when nimhain said RA will be in event chest,so i’d spend my all keys and gems,but still cant find Pharos-Ra.i’m out of luck :weary:

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It is only in the event key.

Also, I advise never trying to get a mythic when it is an event key as it requires roughly 400-800 event keys to have a good chance at getting the troop. You will get way more of every other card past mythic that will become useless due to too many extra copies.

It will be much more resource efficient to just wait for whatever the crafting system will be.


If you want to aim for mythic, it’s better to save your keys for the first Friday of the month.
During that period the ONLY mythic that will appear is the new monthly Mythic.
Of course… that doesn’t really change the chance of a mythic dropping, just that you can be sure what Mythic you will be pulling.

I actually am wondering it myself if Pharos Ra is actually in event chest. I’ve opened 1k+ event keys and I didn’t get him yet.

I guess my only hope to get missing mythic now only from legendary task or new crafting system.


Thanks for your advice,friends. hope i’ll get the new monthly mythic.:yum:

I’d like to know as well. Spent almost 300 event keys and 7500 gems and didn’t get him. If this is a bug, I’d sure love to get some back.


I’m wondering, too. I opened over 300 event keys with no luck, though that could just be bad RNG but I believe my guildmate @htismaqe opened even more Event chests than you, @ZooKeeper with no luck. I know RNG can be a bitch sometimes but that seems very suspicious.

Can anyone confirm that it was/is in the Event chests?

Edit: and he beat me to post lol

Yeah i opened about 300 event chests and didnt get one although i figured it was cuz rngesus didnt want me to have 2… I did get about 225 war sphinx tho #brightside

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Some of you are talking about pretty small Event Chest numbers (only in the hundreds).

I also strongly advise NOT trying for a Mythic out of the Event Chest. Months ago on console we still had the ability to get 2 Event Keys when buying Glory troop. And I tried to pull one out using as many as I could afford (Keys, then Glory, then Gems). Never again.


@ZooKeeper and I both did 1000 (I figured it up and I actually did 950).

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That’s probably in the ballpark of what I did, maybe a bit under. I didnt get it. As I said, never again will I chasing the Mythics out of Event Chests (at least for me).

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It’s worth finding out if it was a bug. That’s a lot of scratch.


But I’m interested to see the results once you pool several experiences together and you get results in the several thousands… combine everyone in this thread and we’ve already got thousands

I was only about 200 but also no luck. Not saying it proves one way or another (massively overall bad RNG happens) but I figured I’d add to the pool

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I just stopped counting after I’ve opened 1k. And the reason I stopped because buying event key 1 by 1 from Spoil of War is tedious. I’d like to open more event chest as I still have some glory to spend but I agree with @htismaqe that it’s worth finding out if it was a bug, if he was actually in event chest. Maybe I was just unlucky.

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Estimated drop rate of a mythic from an event key is 1 in 1000. If you open 1000 event keys with this drop rate, your cumulative probability of getting one or more of the mythic by this point would only be 63%. 3100 trails would give you a cumulative probability of 95.5% to get at least one. Thats still terrible odds in my book (way way way too far away from zero) and accounts for every stated drop in this thread so far.

However, there would be no way to tell without confirmation that someone got it, since we aren’t allowed to see specifically what is in chests let alone their drop rates and the only thing we have to go on is data gathered like this, so who is to say if they were correctly included in the first place?


1600 event keys, no Pharos Ra :sob:


On a related note, is there pity timer in this game?

In another card game I play, the average for a legendary is 1 in 20 packs, but there’s also a pity timer that guarantees a legendary drop on the 40th pack for people on a really bad streak.

Without a pity timer, it’d be quite possible to open thousands of chests without ever getting a mythic, and that can’t feel good.

I did spend 50 event keys this week to get Bone Dragon, so I’m happy, but you can add that 50 keys to your statistics of no Pharos-Ra if you want. :stuck_out_tongue:I got Pharos-Ra out of some gem chests a couple weeks ago so I wasn’t fishing for it specifically.

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Just confirming that Pharos-Ra was in the Event Chests this week - I double checked that before we deployed the event last Monday.


Thanks for the confirmation Sir. :slight_smile: