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Event chests? Bah humbug!

Open event chest aaaaaand beserker, beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker and beserker reaches legendary and open event chests Bah humbug aaaaaand beserker beserker beserker beserker beserker and beserker getting closer to mythical beserker Bah humbug wheres the good stuff from event chests?


Those sound like the lyrics to a death metal song.


Event chest used to be good… then VIP chests came along and gobbled up anything the event chests were going to have that was good.

I don’t mess with Event chests anymore… for the obvious reasons you point out.

For me, I stick mainly to gold chests, glory, gem when / if needed (say new mythic comes out), and the VIP chests… well, I try to avoid them… though lucrative for arcane traits and possible legend / mythic you are looking for… the quantity of gems required is astonishing, as gems are few and far between in the game, even with an active guild.

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Event chests are still good if you are missing a specific legendary card. I was missing both Bone Dragon and Keeper of Souls. I got 2 Bone Dragons and 1 Keeper of Souls using 200+ gems on event chests today.


We had some statistics on event chests months ago… yeah, it’s mostly good to pick a few hundred copies of the featured KD blue troop.

i opened 50 and got 3 kos, 3 bonedrag, and the rest anubite warriors :smiley:

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@Ashasekayi, @Justakid - I think you were both extremely lucky, congrats. From what I understand the drop rates in Event chests are the same as in basic Gem chests, around 2% for legendary - which means on average you get only 1 Legendary from 50 chests. Event chests are good for getting specific troops, but you have to either have many gems to spend or get lucky to get what you want.

Well, you still have a better chance of getting a specific legendary if you target the event chest versus the gem chest. Your chances are much higher to get Crimson Bat from the Ghulvania event chest than it is from gem keys that week that have every single other legendary in it. The event chest is random, but it is weighted toward that kingdom.

I’ve targeted legendaries in 3 events, I got them 2 out of 3 times. So, in my experience, it was worth it. I am in a top tier guild that generates a decent amount of gems. So, that may make the difference. YMMV.

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Technically, if the rate really is 2% for a legendary, you will see at least one legendary in 34 pulls with P > 0.5 (50% odds).

(1-0.02)n = 0.5
0.98n = 0.5
n = log.98 0.5 ≈ 34

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Out of 150 event chests this week I got 6 bone dragon and 5 keepers. Plus all the UR i needed to mythic them.


Just FYI… I got 1KoS from opening a set of 10 event chests and that was the third set of 10 chests I opened since this event has started. So if you got gems the event keys are worth it. I am happy that I hadn’t got a Bone Dragon as I already have two of 'em. :))

you still need 6 bonedragons for a mythic one :slight_smile:

I’m now 2 out of 4 for opening ~50 event chests & getting at least one copy of the legendary I was targeting.

These odds are not great, though I have to admit the successful ones are satisfying.

I’m level 204 so mythics can wait :))

I think that 2% counts arcane stones in the category along with the troop.

Arcane stones are considered epic rarity though. Or did you mean celestial stones?

I actually never bothered with event chests. I always go for Gem Chests and try my luck there. I’ll still be opening them if most of my ultras are mythics. Just like the thought of extra souls :slight_smile:

Yeah, I meant the celestials really.

I went for the event chest and got a trait stone.