Crimson Bat is in the event chest!

Just a reminder to all of the ones that recently joined and doesnt know everything about the game yet, as well as the less active players. One of the greatest Legendaries is now in the event chest, the Crimson Bat. He has just been buffed to gain +8 more life on each cast, now getting totally +16 life for each cast, and is among the best true damage troops in the game.

I think the % of getting him in an event chest is around 8%. And one event key is costing like 15 gems. I would had loved to have some data on this tho, about the % of getting an Legendary out of an event chest.

New players among, players that havent noticed this yet, this is your chance of getting one of the very best Legendary there is! :smiley:



around 360 gems invested - 0 bats :frowning:

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Well, still some days to try out the luck, ey?

Ain’t worth it… Trust me.

I’d disagree with that. If you’re in an active guild with a steady supply of gems, it’s totally worth it to crank through event chests in either of these situations:

(1) you’re only missing a handful of legendaries and the event chests have one of them, or
(2) you’re missing a lot of legendaries, and the event chests have a good one.

I don’t think it’s worth buying event chests over a 500-gem armor, but if either of the above situations applies I think it’s better to buy event chests over gem chests.

It’s still one of the 4 cards I don’t own.The Silent One, Gaar’Nok (i think i spelled it right), Psion and that Bat.
I won’t get desperate I got a very first gorgotha two days ago in a glory chest.

Everything comes to anyone who knows patience …

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Crimson Bat is worth getting more so now than ever before.

+1 to that.

50 event chests, 200 glory chests, got 2 bats today. Yay RNG.

The only featured character mentioned in the event chest is the Morthani’s Will. Why are you assuming there’s a high chance of getting Crimson Bat? I used to be under the impression that the troops offered in the event chest are all from the same kingdom as the featured character. I learned that’s not true last week.

I spent the 675 gems to get 50 event keys hoping to get Queen Mab or Borealis because Yeti was the featured character. I got about 24 Yeti’s, but no Queen Mab or Borealis. I did however get lots of troops from other kingdoms.

I think if you’re hoping to get the Crimson Bat, you’re wasting your gems if you’re getting event keys. Use them on gem keys instead.

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I’m crossing my fingers that I get the Bat this week! No luck so far though.


spent 143 gems to get 10 event chests and luck was on my side yet again and Crimson Bat you are now MINE… My precious


@Synergy, Congrats!
@Ashasekayi, Fingers are crossed for you. Hopefully you will get one soon.


I too tried this but had no luck. Now need to save up so I can try another batch of 10.

@Macawi Thanks much! :smile_cat:

@studs sorry to hear that… I’ve had some lucky i’ve tried it on the kingdoms i don’t have the legendary too and i’ve lucked out a couple of times now pulling them.

Hey, sure thing that Bat is an awesome troop, but if it isn’t dropping randomly from pure luck, there’s no point for a new-ish player to try to get him via event chests. But if you have hundreds or thousands of gems, hell yes, you will get him, even raise him to mythic.

I have yet to pull a legendary from an event chest. Ever.


Event chests for Legendaries aren’t worth it unless you can mass buy them and it is one of the last troops you are missing (and/or you are looking to get the Ultra Rare/Epics ascended as well). The chance to pull a legendary is roughly the same as a gem chest for 1.5x the cost, but a legendary will always be from the event kingdom (there is also no chance to pull a mythic from the event chest). You need to keep in mind that RNG is inherently streaky - I’ve pulled two troops I was missing from a kingdom with at little as 7 event keys before, but most weeks take over 50. Last week took 137 keys to get Borealis after getting two Mab in the first 87, and I’ve heard of others using upwards of 200 keys to get a single target legendary. Bottom line is to not buy event chests unless you can afford them, and don’t have expectations.


Just adding some more data to increase the sample size reported here. Today I opened 50 event chests and got 3 Bats. I think Sirrian mentioned that legendary drop rate was improved in 2.0. Hopefully it is up there at 8% now for Gem/Event chests like Eika says. (I really want another 4 Bats before the week ends so I can go mythic and have 2 left over.)

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Amazing pulls, SirCookie. 3 out of 50 event chests is very good! :slight_smile: