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VIP Chest...What do you pull?

Nice, ty! For lasting impact, you could talk about Pepper too, and garner eternal fame by fixing up the woefully inadequate Wikipedia article on that subject:

EDIT: Talia got the word out first :slight_smile:

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Ha it has a different meaning around these parts. Any other condiments going around?

Im now afraid to use my event keys this week when Infernal King is available.

There’s also “spice” in the Hasty Pudding cipher

I’ve never heard of pepper or spice lol. I’m sure it plays the same roll. I’m old and I took cs 20+ years ago.

Never heard Pepper or Spice? Neither did I 'til Wikipedia saith that such cryptographic condiments exist… lol

To return to the subject of chests proper:

Recap: Last week folks were getting traitstones at high frequency out of the VIP chests, rather than troops.

This week I am getting nothing but Runesmith at 100% frequency out of Event chests despite the enticing promise of Gorgotha (I just tried Event chests again today and-- you guessed it-- yet more Runesmith).

A month ago, @wargems also reported getting nothing but Berserker ad nauseum:

So either this console chest isn’t working correctly, or the troop displayed on the “You can win!” thumbnail is always what you’ll get, all the time, period.

And we’ve all wasted an enormous amount of gems to discover this little unfortunate fact. :dizzy_face:

While we’re pointing out unusual troop drop frequencies, I want to draw attention to the similarity of pulls I was getting from both my console and PC accounts. I have screenshots of Gem chests pulls taken minutes between each other, and they tended to be top heavy in these UR troops:

Black Beast ***
Blast Cannon
Flame Cannon
Flesh Golem ***
Sacred Guardian
Spider Queen ***
War Sphinx ***

These are all from the original release version. That list also changed a bit over time; I used to get a lot of Lamia on console, and now not so much; I’m getting Stone Giant instead.

What’s weird for me here is that my first UR cards were 1. Flesh Golem, 2. Black Beast, and my last three URs to appear from the original release were X. Spider Queen, Y. War Sphinx, Z. Blade Dancer.

After that… I started getting spammed with Black Beasts and War Sphinxes in my chests. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed I was continually failing to get Centaur Scout (common). What could possibly connect these RNG incidences? Well… Perhaps somehow there’s an alphabetical list bias? Meaning that Black Beast is near the beginning of the list (as is “Berserker” in @wargems’ case) while War Sphinx was right at the end. So too we find Centaur Scout is the first of the common cards in an alphabetical listing of rarity. In the original 1.06 troop display list, Centaur Scout (the last common I received) was also placed in the lineup immediately before Keeper of Souls… which coincidentally was the first Legendary I ever received on console…

I realize this is all conjecture, but these coincidences are interesting. I can’t fathom a fair guess for what might even cause this. What, might there be something unusual about the salt value modification, associated with my console account from the start?

Wow, you type a lot.
Each week the vip and event chest have special drops, probably broken down by troop, stone, and rarity. Typos probably happen occasionally that effect the drops.

And pepper and spice are probably just additional static values used to randomize encrypted values. In games like gow, I don’t even know why they use a salt since at millisecond intervals you can’t game the system.

Did someone ask for condiments?


Opened one (1) VIP chest just right now. And I got the Infernal King. Although I don’t have the Blighted Lands yet.

I would happily welcome another kind of VIP chest also. A one where you would get a random legendary troop or two random Arcane stones. 75 gems / chest.

That’s normal, things do not occur at the same time. I believe the independent chest timer is midnight.

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Opened 30 or 40. I forget.
1 infernal king, 1 celestial stone, 6 or 7 of that dragon. Rest random arcanes.
Expensive but a good way to get arcanes if you’re in a gem rich guild.

So the featured troop (Berzerker, Runesmith) has roughly a 75% chance of dropping. It’s not at all unexpected to get lots of them. 20/20 isn’t too unusual, statistically.

Well, 20/20 at 75% is actually a 0.3% chance…


Right - so it would happen to 3 people for every 1000. It’s not unusual to have 5,000 people open 20+ gem chests in a day, so I would expect it to happen a dozen times or more every day.

Truth. /10c

What percentage does the legendary have? Im nearly home and about to run to the console, rip off my clothes and unload every gem I have looking for IK

I won’t be specific - but it’s 4x the chance of pulling a legendary from a glory key, right? And if you pull one, it’s guaranteed to be that specific legendary.

Without specifics I will keep my clothes on.

Roughly 21% for everything else on offer excluding the legendary or event troop then?

@Bolatsi lol, that’s exactly what the vip chest will turn into on console in a few updates time. Been like that on pc for a while now. So like me enjoy the console vip-event chest while you can.