Last Week PVP Rankings Victory for SilentStrike

Well Tacet had a very long week. He managed to create a new guild, stream for 12 hours a day, Promised his fans that he would be victorious and place 1st in PVP this week! I have to admit to announce that publicly took some major brass.

Well as you all know Alex and Silent had something to say about that, they stepped up and showed Tacet that his mouth would write a check that his arse couldn’t cash. Alex held 1st place most of the final day however: SilentKiller from guild INTRIM stole 1st place the last hour and was named the champion this week! Tacet came in 3rd and will be enjoying his alphabet soup this morning! Good job guys and until next time this is BlackRhino signing off

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@BlackRhino atleast you took 4,957th place lol :smiling_imp:
Really close to being a CALL OUT topic :frowning:

Crikey. Dont think placing in the top 3 is good for your health :dizzy_face:

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Lmfao very funny

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Hey Demon I’m a big fan btw, I’m just having some fun here. Competition is good for the game. I’m proud of our guy he did what seemed like the impossible

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@BlackRhino yes bro . I should have put :stuck_out_tongue: instead of :smiling_imp:.
Yes Silent Strike did an amazing job. Big UPS 2 him :innocent:

Ps. :smiling_imp: and :innocent: are in my nature

Thanks Demon I appreciate that, btw if you need a change of guilds, I have a place for you at INTRIM

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You be the judge (or the Devs will be).

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He was in 4957th place though. 10,296 is the amount of PvP points he had.

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@yonizaf what u talkin about i put 4957th …
(After the edit) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s true, what can I say I have a very busy life lol.

quite the accomplishment. I’m assuming all the top players are on vacation or have no need for sleep? :sunny:

@therealwetwilly there all machines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just need batteries recharged .

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as an ex-marine, i consider you to be a machine as well! :+1:

ps: on a sidenote, i should start using :baby: because it resembles Bane, baby Bane perhaps.


Good job this week guys I will try to post the PVP rankings each week. I know it very hard work getting into the top 100 so I think those players need to be recognized. I shall do the same with top guild rankings if we ever get them.

Congrats on the win SilentStrike! :tada: :fireworks::boom: :tada:


Hey Asha how are you doing today

I’m well, BlackRhino :smile_cat: I’m getting ready to put on my fighting gear and jump into PVP. I hope you are well also.

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