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Congratulations to t0nerz, the latest #1 PvP BOT killer!

Just wanted to send a shout out to my guildmate, t0nerz, for getting #1 in PvP! It’s so incredibly satisfying to see YET ANOTHER one of my squad flat-out obliterate what is clearly either; a pair of bots, child slave labor owners, or an entire guild playing on single accounts. All hail the destroyers of those that would use shady methods to reach the top! Soullessness, t0nerz, ZooKeeper, and others, you’ve earned yourselves a loud cheer from me…the person that hates everything. Congrats! :thumbsup:

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way a statement or even an implied sentiment that I feel that Intrim is above anyone. If ANY person from ANY guild crushes these obvious hacks, I shall celebrate your victories with equal vigor. Show me your might, dear friends, and we can see evil cleansed from this game! :muscle:


HELL YEAH! Party time! Can we get some confetti in here?

:confetti_ball: There you go! :confetti_ball:

I am voting a family rotation. That’s what children are for right?

Much respect for my man t0nerz. Takes serious dedication for one REAL person to hit #1.

Also very nice to actually be able to see t0nerz in chat whenever he was playing.

Way to go bro!

Agreed. It’s great that our guys can drop into both guild and global chat often, even while pulverizing the hacks.

Thanks!!! Means a lot coming from you all :slight_smile: I just couldn’t let them control the leaderboard week after week after week. Based on the amount of time I put in and the amount of games my competitor had it’s difficult to come to a conclusion other than teamwork or bot play…

Intrim is a truly amazing guild and I’m happy to be a part of it, thanks everyone for your support, let’s keep the train rolling and go for #1!


I wish this was the kind of chores i had as a kid.

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I’m pretty sure that developers would ban a bot user that reaches rank 1 in PvP every week. Because he is right there in front of their eyes every week and he/she probably got checked multiple times. But do I think he uses some shady stuff? I am sure of it. It’s just not betting.
Anyway congrats, it’s nice to see someone new there :slight_smile:

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yeah, congrats, good job

the sad part is, no one can prove that he did it solo either. For all we know there might be 4-5 ppl who decided to claim rank 1 on their accounts one after another “to beat the bots” :wink: probably not the case, but you see my point. Unless DEV’s find a way to make sure things are 100% legit, I think I’ll be careful with cheering for any “Heroes”.

gz anyway, good job! tons of time put into pvp, ragardless of how many ppl it split into

I am wondering if it is one player playing the account, because if someone can beat them then the likelihood of that person reaching the top is more likely to be a legit player. If the player is not using a bot, which we can assume is the case from evidence that we have, then the other truth has to be a single player with too much time on their hands, which can be provable through the actions of the one who beat them, but this is not irrefutable proof though.

That’s not the thing here. The thing that sister is top 3 pvp since the ranking was implemented and that’s a lot of weeks now. Getting that many fights would require you to play 12+ hours every single day. On top of that he losses way to much for a real player.

You forget before sister was number 1 there was another who took number 1 multiple weeks in a row. They silently left the game for some reason to which was never given.

Is this a joke? I don’t see t0nerz anywhere on the leaderboard.

He supposedly finished first last week. There’s not much point congratulating someone this early in the week anyway.

Creating such a thread on Wednesday is confusing.
Congrats, then.

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The reason 2 people were banned wasn’t because they were using bots or hacks to always win fights, but because they were making all animations go by faster by exploiting a bug with Adobe Air.
This meant they would get 3k+ pvp points in 1 hour, play only 4 or 5 hours, and still get more points than if you played 24h.
Also, because they are actively playing, they wouldn’t lose as many games.
It would be near impossible to determine if a player is botting or acc sharing, and a nightmare to enforce.

This game would be so much more pleasant without all this animations which I’ve seen 10k times already and now they are just stealing time between fights and causing frustration :smiley:


I hope that turning off the animations will be optional. I don’t want to miss my silly custom sounds.

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