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Match Masters first AND second! :-)

@Serale, @MrSammy, @Jainus, @esslee, @temmie143 and every other guild mate I forgot: look guys , we’re finally first AND second in the ranking. :smile:

Edit: seems I can’t upload pictures at the moment

Not seeing it. I was ready with Borg quotes. Well one.

Its not fixed thougt… Its been like that since forever… (Hitting the “Show top” button shows First and second) But if you hit it again it goes back to 1.1, I think its a visual bug just to members of our guild.

I could kick you just a second to prove my theory yay.

Never mind. You would have to join a top guild in order to see us in the ladder.

Pretty awesome guild to be in right now, great team to be a part of.

Incoming changes might cut off some heads tho, hopefully no.

All I see is that we are “tied” for first. xD

Yes I’m seeing the exact same… Which is same as before…

I’m not crazy, :smile:

Wow, haha… I don’t see that on mine - still have this:

@sirrian this is very odd!

Yeah I’ve still got what Jainus has. Been saying it basically all year!

Yep, it has reverted to what it was before for me too. Image is from last night, but I couldn’t upload it for some reason.

Seen that bug with rainmaker too