Match Masters (No 1 rank)

We have a new guild leader and a new council - now the number one guild is looking for a new person to fill one vacancy.
Our minimum weekly requirement is 100 trophies and 200k gold although the expectation is to aim much higher every week. We have a very active face book page which you will need to join up to.
You will find us quite diverse, very friendly and welcoming and will benefit from 1000’s glory keys and truckloads of gems via guild tasks every week - and all masteries at +113.
If you are enthusiastic about the game, and can consistently meet our membership criteria with ease please post your rank, game name and any info you think might be helpful.
Thank you


I am fairly new, but the trophies i could attain in pvp, the gold income will probably be out of my league.

But on another note: I see a English springer spaniel in your picture? My 3yr old dog Flora could be his/her twin!

Good luck!

Did Serale stop playing? I haven’t seen him on the forums this past week or so…

@Darkness Yes, sadly he has resigned as GL and left the guild. We are hoping that he will return at some stage tho. Our door is always going to be open for him. :sunglasses:

YES now Ms @esslee has the headache of keeping us MONSTERz in line.

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We behave, sometimes… :slight_smile:

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Best luck with the leadership, esslee! :relieved:

@Aurelia Still have a spot in the guild? My guilds leader has gone, seems theres no one left in charge. Piy when that happens.

@Aurelia My invite code is ASSFACE 1
I didnt know my username would be my invite code when I made my account.


I would be honoured: THEREALWETWILLY

Still have open spots?

Hahaha. This never occurred to me. Just watch the recruitment threads of the top guilds and send out invite codes and hope they don’t notice it’s the wrong guild. Brilliant!

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@Aurelia well that makes perfect sense! I left now, would you be so kind to reinvite.

Apologies @Macawi

I do apologize. I apparently am still not hitting the right buttons to send out invites and tell people to visit our thread if interested. I will quit right away and remove any you are unhappy with. Again, I’m newer at this and thought I was sending things in a separate forum. My apologies and good luck! Top guild is amazing. As for the next comment below, I wasn’t doing it on purpose. Please underst and learners and accept my apologies!

Again, I wasn’t doing it on purpose and definitely not to be deceitful. I had sent out requests with @ before letting players know it was a different guild since the spot was full. I’ve removed the posts I could and didn’t intentionally do as you described. I’d hope nobody would!

@macawi I am truly sorry! Thank you for being so polite about it. I’ve removed my posts and have learned another thing about these forums. Good luck! Clearly you all know what you’re doing. Top guild is awesome! Happy gaming and again please accept my apologies and thank you for being so kind about it.

No worries - don’t feel bad lol :smile: - and good luck with your guild !

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slot still open? i’m 107level

Was about to post that we have full membership now - so sorry this time @Agreemus - but look out for our future recruitment posts.