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Who is really the # 1 Guild

I don’t want to take anything from the top (league rankings) but the people need to know that Intrim is the best guild right now!

We are the true top guild in the game. We are a 2 month old guild and are ranked 27. We would be number 1 if the top guilds didn’t have a 2-3 year head start on us. Look at the current PVP rankings, we own the top 3 spots, that has never been done by one guild! So if you want to be apart of the true top producing game join Intrim not these tired burned out years old guild. Lmfao it’s so fun being the villian lmfao I love it.

Who has it better than us? Nobody!


You may well be right. You can also add most boorish, obnoxious and testosterone-driven to your list of achievements. Congratulations.


This post was not necessary.


River we have to stop meeting like this, we can be friends you know. I’m really a nice guy when you get to know me. Sure I’m competitive but I do work hard and give everything my all. I’m you all should thank me. I’m igniting a fire under you all, giving you all a reason to step your game up.

The new guild update will be released and we don’t want it to be easy for us to be at the top. Lighten up mate and smile more; like me :slight_smile:

The only thing you’re giving me is an almost uncontrollable urge to vomit. And please stop trolling our recruitment thread; it’s unbecoming, even for you.


Top 26 we accept that challenge, not bad to hit that in under 3 months right lmfao

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Here we come lol, I just want Elite players that need a guild know who the top guild really is that’s all.

Black Rhino, if you play pvp instaed write post Intrim climb up the league more quickly :wink:


I thought I have accumulated a lot of enemies in this game, lol. Good job Black Rhino for trying to take on everyone. :slight_smile:


Lmfao I love this lol I really do

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Hey Ug I already donated over 1 million can I get a break lol

The truth hurts I know guys but changing my topic is low down and dirty lmfao

your an :sunglasses:

Why anyone would join a guild with a leader such as you is beyond me…oh wait i know was it in another thread you said that youd buy anyone who made it to top 5 that joined your guild with a 50 dollar armor perhaps? nah that couldnt have anything to do with it. xD

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I know you think it was me, @BlackRhino, but despite my opinion of you, it really and truly wasn’t. You might want to check it, though. Looks like there might be a typo.:sunglasses:

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Well, i think it would be fair to put things into a more neutral ground for you @BlackRhino, it’s ok to have a competitive spirit and the expectatives of the guilds update builds up on each passing day…
But that being said, you should avoid creating more than one topic to promote your own guild, because it’s annoying and flooding this section with similar topics is not the objective of these forums, because it buries requests of players looking for guilds as well as the announcements of guildmasters looking for new members…

Let’s have fun, responsible and respectful fun, together.


This thread is going south :frowning:
@Sirrian @Nimhain bad 4 our community
Good luck 2 all :slight_smile:
Just remember it’s the long haul that really counts .

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I know who it was it shows lol

So much hate from the members, the truth really does hurt!

To the people that are changing the title and I know who you are, that’s a real coward move. To
The guy that posted the photo of his mom, we don’t want to see her image here please. You guys act like children, a person can’t even speak his mind and tell the truth without you all being so pity. You show how pity and weak you really are. I love the hate it’s only motivation

It is true that there are a lot of newer guilds that are starting to develop well.

Dragon’s Peak is soaring to the top too. :wink:

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