Who is really the # 1 Guild

@Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Nex, it looks like this is going nowhere useful. Could it be considered for lockdown, please?


yes! my plans of being overly crass to get this locked will succeed! :sunglasses:

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No love for @Andrew or @Mr.Strange?


Cant claim no 1 after a few months loool. It where you are in 6 months , 1 year and beyond that is the true test of a guild . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If people are censuring your behavior posting their disapproval, and even resorting to change the tittle of your (flooding) topic they are also speaking their mind. You reap what you sow…


Seth your profile pict didn’t succeed or that image of your mother, Ugh!

I think there is a need to add something constructive to this thread. We need more cowbell.



Please give me a cookie for this achievement.
I really don’t get all this hatred.
Calm down, this is only a game.
And please, wait to read a response before getting fast conclusions.

Hey BlondDino did you forgot to take your medicine? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will be the bigger person here. I didn’t know I would get a response like this from some of you. This is a game for me, a competitive game for me. Obviously this is more than a game to some maybe it’s your way to escape the real world. Anyway this is out of control I thought adults could take a little trash talk but I was wrong. My bad if I offended anyone, I will enjoy the game with my guild mates and let you all have the forums. I will let our actions speak louder than my words. Good luck to you all and Seth sorry about the mother joke. You took the first swing though :neutral_face:

“Trash talk” isn’t exactly a phrase I would put in the same sentence as “adults.”


All theese “We are the best and you all suck” topics are just annoying…

It seems like you have to repeat 10 times a day that you are a hardcore elite guild before you believe it yourself - or does your recruiting threads have another sense?



Counterpoint: [quote=“BlackRhino, post:20, topic:10093”]
The guy that posted the photo of his mom, we don’t want to see her image here please.

You shouldn’t be so sure that no other guild is progressing as fast or faster than you. This guild was created seven days ago:

Only thing is, you say that and make a similar post the next day when the previous thread gets locked.

Anyway, best of luck to your guild, but you really shouldn’t get upset when others critique your posts when all you do is spew shady vitriol moonlighting as motivation.


Oh God, is it BlackRhino again? You are simply everywhere, will you jump out of my fridge tomorrow?

The best in what exactly?

Actually, you are vs nobody. You play vs AI…

I couldnt agree more.

As I told one of your guild yesterday. There is nothing to be hated about you guys. For some time you were amusing with your campaign, now you are more like some annoying ad on site.

This is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting behaviour. And I really suggest something should be done about your presence on this forum.


Can we just do something with this guy.Since he is the leader of Intrim,he become a little child.he was way better before,but now he keep insulting everyone,and then talking about behaving like an adult,and hiding that Agent Smith is his alt.Those who are in the top will get burned out quickly,expect if they are botting,so dont expect much.

This is all a clever ruse to keep us from actively pvp’ing.

Anyways, you guys are soaking up the devs time into closing threads when they are so busy with the updates we are all waiting for :baby:

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Funny thing is, you can’t even get your facts right. According to actreal’s spreadsheet, Anonymous made over 190K in just the last 2 months, while Intrim only has 145K or so right now… You wouldn’t be first place now even if the guild league did start 2 months ago.


Why all the conspiracy? You could at least write guild name instead of calling it anonymous. :smile_cat: