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Match Masters Over Level 1,000

Match Masters has finally hit level 1,000! :smiley:

It also seems the level cap on guilds keep going past 1,000. Wish the devs could do that for hero levels… :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me a private message if you are interested in joining us. We are currently full, but we are always looking to fill our holes quick.


Congrats :slight_smile:
I’m really interested in how much mastery points does that translate to :slight_smile:

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125 all. That will be going way down in 2.1 though. All guilds will have their tokens refunded if the devs decide to rework the token system, which is very likely. We will probably only do around 25 all when it changes unless they buff mastery surges.

Nice. I know about refunding, I’m watching closely that change and announcement about it :slight_smile:

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“fill our holes quick” Really Tacet? Congrats and awesome work for your guild!


Haha, that wording was a bit odd. xD


I assumed it was deliberate, and thought it well done!


Congrats tacet.

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That’s an amazing milestone. Congratulations to the guild!

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The only problem is all of our tasks are maps now, so we won’t be able to contribute to the guild until the devs fix it.

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Yeah I had heard that happens. Hopefully they do fix it because I want to play this game for a long time and this probably prevents most guilds from trying to achieve 1,000 level.

The console version’s guild levels much quicker. I am pretty sure Match Masters is the only PC/Mobile guild that is over level 1,000. There are only a few other guilds that are even close to that.

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So that was an actual bug. That means those not in the top 10 that reached level 1000 did actually get that bug. Interesting, i hope that it gets fixed in 2.1/2.2.

Yeah console is where I play the most at. My guild is level 150 I believe with the game only being out Since Nov. last year and we are in 2nd. I’m sure 1st place is much higher ahead.

Nice, you’re almost double our XP level at Black Pearl… we’re at 594 at the moment and that’s good enough for 8th place.

Not exactly within throwing distance haha.

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I’m a vip level 4, rank 1 pvp player, I’d like to join when there is a spot.

Id love to join i have the death knight armour im vip 8 im aiming to be vip 10 i dont pvp alot but i donate everyday and im happy to meet the min requirements just let me know what they are…