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Congratulations to t0nerz, the latest #1 PvP BOT killer!

There are several ways to catch bots fairly easily. Not gonna go into detail here, because if I were to make a bot, I’d definitely read the forums looking for how others got caught.

Seriously, making bots hard to catch is far more difficult than catching them.

Account sharing is a more difficult thing to confirm.

Depends if account is shared from a single device or through multiple devices. Using IP of computers can show that the game is played on more than 1 pc. .

That tells you nothing. Multiple relatives living in the same house can share an account using the same internet connection (even if not the same computer), while a single person may play from different places he may be in during different times of the day.



@TaliaParks i wonder how you find the time to play since you spend lot of time to find the good picture or gif to answer on the forum :slight_smile:

PS4 --> GoW
Computer --> Forum

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Talia, you OBVIOUSLY didn’t read my disclaimer. Please refrain from taking anything personally. Thanks

I’m in the top PS4 Guild and when we get the update then I expect to see my Guildmates to be trading the top spot as well.

Hence, the joke, “none of my business” :wink:

Great. As I said, I celebrate all.

The total matches played for Sister is so ridiuclously high that, at the point I had checked, which I think was Thursday or Friday, that they could not have slept, eaten, gone to the bathroom, or anything. Finishing one match every 4.5 minutes of every day. And from that amount and that number of PvP points, it’s a safe bet that all of them were one trophy matches.

There are only two possibilities. The friendlier and less rude of which is to assume that it is several people, likely from different time zones, playing on the same account.

Sister = Sisterhood of the Travelling GoW Account ?



I play while peeing. . But you have to sit on toilet or it could get messy. .

the high losses imply that every time they get behind in a match they retreat for a faster match rather then take the time to fight it out and win


I don’t understand why that account needs to play that many games to get similar scores to others. that means they are only facing the middle choice every time right?

It should be faster to take the middle battle to win 2 trophies better than loosing time to start a battle and cancel it.

My current fastest team did 41 wins in less than an hour. On the hard option. Going at that speed, it would be 1 match every 1.5 minutes or less, on medium or lower, for a total of 8 hours every day. Still a pretty big time investment, but also well within the realm of plausibility.

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People have it in their heads that a match is 4 minutes long, however, it can range from 1 minutes to 2 or 3 days. Yes i played out a pvp game for a few days. It was the worst. Giant spider vs mercy.

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Assuming that’s true: why would you ever do that to yourself?