Monster guild! great job over 35K trophies weekly!?!

Intirim went from doing 17k trophies weekly to doing 42000 trophies, you guys are monsters! Well done!

And Dragons Peak, wend from doing 13k to doing 35K trophies, dude, your guys really need a pat on the back. At this rate you will be in the top 10 in no time.


We should change our guild name to WINtrim


I dont think 42k trophies in one week has ever been done before. You guys must be inhuman, is it spring break somewhere I don’t know about?

Just the first iWeek :wink: We wanted to do a Intrim vs Intrim II race for a while now.

It was a good way to beat both 29k and 41k previous records.


This was an idea of mine, just to fire up motivation among Intrim members. I proposed the idea of breaking the trophy record set by Anonymous (at 29,296) back in May. So, it turned into a friendly competition among Intrim members. It was a fantastic(yet long) week.

This idea was thought of three weeks ago to allow some coordination for this super attempt. Both Intrim guild exceeded all expectations. Both guilds set their own records. Intrim 2 was just short of the old record but still brilliant!

Intrim 1 has set a new record, 42,824 trophies in a single week. This exceeded the botter (The Silentstrike episode), trophy amount. Intrim the bot killers! Furthermore, iWeek 2 will come but not for a good while yet. Three members of Intrim truly put more into this game this week than anything else, Soul, Matrim and Zoo. They are true beasts… Rawr!

Tacet - You intended to have your stream the week before we started iWeek but due to the servers issues you have to delay your stream and it so happened to be the same week we were going to have our competition. This wasn’t anything against you, keep on streaming! Though I believe DP’s massive trophy amount was not coordinated… either way, you guys were pretty damn impressive. It provided that extra determination for our own competition!

It’s been a fantastic week! Nono out :wink: