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Kingdoms now hard-capped at 7 stars

The Big Picture

  • Patch 3.5 has introduced a prerequisite for upgrading kingdoms to 8 stars, fully upgrading two weapons that belong to that kingdom.
  • Most kingdoms only have weapons of legendary and higher rarity, lower rarity weapons only seem to exist as beginner content, without plans to introduce any further ones.
  • It takes 45 Legendary Ingots to fully upgrade a Legendary weapon, 90 for two.
  • PvP drop rates for Legendary Ingots are low, current numbers suggest at best 1 every 500 fights.
  • Upgrading Common Ingots to a single Legendary Ingot in the Soul Forge requires 10k Common Ingots and 100k Souls.
  • Gem chests seem to contain Ingots with a chance of 1:10, heavily weighted towards Ultra-Rare. Legendary Ingots from 1k gem chests, including Soul Forge conversion, is likely < 5.
  • Players who didn’t get grandfathered into 8 stars need to collect 50 Legendary Ingots each week for at least a whole year to catch up.

Possible Solutions

  • Add 5 Legendary Ingots as Daily Login reward.
  • Change the weapon upgrade requirement for 8 stars from “fully upgraded” to “upgraded to +1”.
  • Add a Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare and Epic weapon to each kingdom.

I was eating and you made me choke.


The new system totally penalizes players who have not reached the 8 stars.


It’s technically the easiest solution once players start gathering with torches and pitchforks, it doesn’t seem to require a patch. Personally, I’d much prefer the other options. Legendary and better weapons all seem to add random board behavior as part of their upgrade path, which I’d very much like to avoid.

Don’t forget the gatekeepers of kingdom levels known as PETS.

For example: One of the tasks to get Mist of Scales at level 8 is “Collect a pet from Mist of Scales.” There is (currently) one pet. Out of (again, currently as of right now,) 38 possible pets. AWESOME.

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You’ve nailed the true purpose of this patch. This is the biggest Nerf to resources the game has seen Imo for players still upgrading kingdoms. Tributes are one of the best if not THE best free gem income that exists. We JUST got to a point where several kingdoms were hitting 9* with many more about to get there in next 2 months and this update hits. Coincidence?

Thinly veiled as to make it more easy to understand.

Level and trait your troops. Super complicated lmao.



I missed the information about 8 Star Ratings amongst all the other threads about stuff that was coming in, now I have Kingdoms that I can’t upgrade any further for ages because of this :frowning:

That actually feels quite okay though. It’s a requirement for 9 stars, which is very late game, and you just need to get a single copy. I find myself triggering a pet rescue every day or two, and my activity definitely isn’t anywhere remotely close to a top 100 leaderboard player. Considering the weekly pet rescue day, even players in very casual guilds should usually already own the required pet once the need arises.

You also need a Mythic from the kingdom for later star(maybe its not a base mythic,i dont know),maybe 9,this is such a horrilbe update,and i really dont understand the direction anymore.With the new useless p2w modes,and now making it impossible for new players to go anywhere,let alone catch up(its literally impossible,im not even trying to be negative)what is on the mind of the developers i wonder.The only explanation for the silence in the forum is because most people here are playing for ages like me,and have every kingdom at the current maximum,but for example i only have 4 mythics,so i stucked forever.They milking this game so hard,its insane.


While we’re at it, I think we should get 12,000 diamonds every Friday.

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As long as we need to spend 1.000 diamonds to launch a battle that sounds perfectly reasonable, I’d even up the number a bit.

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(This is the problem with hyperbole, people tend to ignore what else you write.)

I think you are missing something that hasn’t changed. The kingdom stars used to go up to 10. No kingdom could be pushed that far, very few could be pushed to 9, and it was exciting when a new 9-star kingdom was possible. For 5 minutes. Because the people who cared would spend their hoarded-up 10,000 keys, get the troop, and max it in that amount of time. Then they were back to “being endgame”.

Now, kingdoms go up to what, 20 stars? It’s not a travesty that you can’t max every kingdom yesterday. It’s “a goal”. For kingdoms at 7 stars, you have to wait to gather resources and, in some cases, wait for the devs to release a new weapon. It will be exciting when it happens. For 5 minutes. Because by the time that happens, most of the people who care will have already collected and hoarded the ingots they need to flip it.

It is frustrating because just last week, if you’d leveled/traited cards, you’d be at 8 today. I don’t think it was fair that the devs gave people tasks they could not have finished along this route. But the answer is not trivializing ingots by giving the players 50,000 souls worth of ingots daily.

Be patient, grasshopper. I know one particularly motivated player who already has 1 mythic and several legendary ingots. You could’ve got a handful while maintaining this topic. The game is going to give you 2 free legendaries next week, and we don’t even know how many others from events. Maybe wait to see how many free ingots you do get before complaining you need more. While you wait, try to build a case for why the devs owe us all the capability to 8-star every kingdom within a certain time period.

This time next year, the forums gripe will be “I don’t have anything to do with all these extra ingots”. Watch.


I also know one motivated player who is already past level 2000. That still makes it a poor design decision to restrict kingdom stars, by requiring everybody to pass level 5000 without any change to the level system first.

Going by the well established kingdom release cycle, we’ll need 90 legendary ingots for every new kingdom that shows up, roughly every 2 to 3 months. Just to upgrade the two legendary weapons that traditionally come with it, without catching up with the backlog that 99% of all players got stuck with. Sure, there’s the remote chance that events will attempt to drown us in legendary ingots, it would currently have to be at least 10 each week just to draw even. Seeing the 1:500 drop rate in PvP sincerely makes me doubt that.

Just to put this into context, I personally hit the grandfather jackpot, I got the get-out-of-jail-free card for all the kingdoms it was possible for. I can’t help but feel sorry for all the other players that, by currently known numbers, will have a few decades of grinding ahead of them to reach the same progress. I also realize that there’s not much reason to feel smug about it, once the top 1% players find out 11 stars require fully upgrading four kingdom weapons each they’ll essentially be in the same boat. (No, I don’t know the star requirement tables, it’s pretty obvious this one is waiting just around the corner though).


Kingdom level 9 triple tribute is for end game players only. Under old system, level 9 was all kingdom troops fully traited at level 20 with kingdom mythic. With a few points to spare for a few level 19s.

You could always work on upgrading them to higher rarity. :crazy_face:

I guess the core issue is that weapon rarity distribution is all wrong. We’ve got 8 common weapons, and well over a hundred legendary ones. Speaking in Ingots, fully unlocking a common weapon is 15 Common Ingots, fully unlocking a legendary weapon is 450k Common Ingots and 5kk Souls. For most kingdoms, you need to go the legendary route, there is no other way. If the rarity distribution were the other way around the 8 star unlock requirement would be perfectly okay.


Fully upgrading two weapons is an 8 star requirement though. It used to be end game last year, it was far more common now that the game has progressed a bit.

I suspect they will release a few low level kingdom weapons in the future.

My point re: the guy who has the mythic is he’s only played about 10x more game than I had in that time period, and maybe only 5x-7x what I’d play when I’m really grinding. So my expectation from his luck is I can expect to hit a legendary/mythic from combat every 5-7 days, on top of the 2+ legendary and 1+ mythics I’ll make for free from weekly chores like PvP.

I understand you’re pointing at the magnitude of legendaries needed to max “all legendary weapons”. That doesn’t bother me. The weapons I plan on maxing are Dawnbringer, Mang, and Hope’s Crescent. I’m waiting on the game to give me a reason to max another. Until then, “max everything” feels like a fool’s errand.

I suspect if we give this a week, the numbers will look a bit more positive, and if we give this a month, it will be better. In terms of a newbie, at my pace it’s going to be 8+ months before they even care about 8 stars on kingdoms. That’s 32 mythics and 64 legendaries if all they do is PvP, and in my opinion they should be double that due to natural drop rates and the events which we still haven’t seen.

You don’t know how many ingots you are going to get in “an average week” yet. You can’t extrapolate from PvP alone because there are ingot rewards that are not active in the game until next week. I could potentially change my tone if it turns out those are a pittance. Considering PvP hands us a free mythic, I’m almost positive the next Raid Boss will hand us multiple legendaries and a mythic.

Let’s wait until we get our paycheck to decide if we’re being ripped off.

I suspect they won’t, it feels like a wasted effort. Who would ever want to equip those? Once you’ve unlocked the kingdoms they belong to you’ve progressed far enough to have access to way better weapons. Not meaning to sounds too negative though, if they throw them in just for unlocking purposes I won’t be complaining. :slight_smile:

Honestly you can look at 90% of the weapons and say “Who would want to equip that?”

The point of releasing low-level kingdom weapons at this point is “help players unlock kingdom stars faster.” Much like garbage troops still count for kingdom power, garbage weapons will too.

The game would be incredibly boring if every single piece of content was required to either meet or exceed the level of the meta. I think you’re getting distracted from what you want, which is somewhat unclear but I’m assuming is “I want to be able to max my kingdoms faster than is possible right now.” Tacking on “I also want every weapon to meet some quality bar” just opens you to a battle on two fronts.