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Isn’t it too much to spend precious inglots to level up a kingdom?

Sorry about my English, I will try my best to explain myself.

I am a late game player lvl 1225. I haven’t upgraded any of my weapons and haven’t spend any inglots and I have about 60 legendary inglots now. I’ve been collecting inglots since they appeared and only collected 60.

And now sin of maraj needs all of that 60 legendary inglots to upgrade its weapon and get one star. It is too expensive.

I am glad I leveled up nearly all of my kingdoms, I can’t imagine how long it’ll take for newly players. I refuse to spend rare inglots for every kingdom weapon to get one star.


I was looking at this the other day, and I totally agree. This is ridiculous.
It makes me wonder what other requirements we’re going to encounter along the way.


I suggest to wait before deciding to upgrade this kingdom since the Legendary Ingots are so rare. Try your best to upgrade the other one with Common or Rare weapons because these ingots are easier to obtain.

I’ve just raised a question about ingots: Ways to mine ingots? . Wait a little, and there will be ways to farm higher levels ingots.

Well, of course you can forge them from lower level ingots, but it still seems like a steep price to have to level up a useless weapon.


The new kingdom should have been released with an epic rarity weapon at least as well as the 2 legendary ones. Every other kingdom has multiple weapons of varying rarity. But the latest dev idea it seems since last update is to gate us off from leveling up the kingdoms too quickly.

In other words they want us to throw 100’s of gems at raid/invasions to get the ingots we need.


The answer is the same as it is to everything - keep playing and you will get what you need.

I am an end game player as well, level 1537. Not counting Maraj, I had 7 kingdoms that needed 2 weapons each at maxuimum level to be ready to level up. So I got busy fighting battles and forging ingots in the Soulforge. Now they are all done but one, and I had the ingots to level up Blade of Guilt so I could get Maraj to 5 stars.

It’s not supposed to be instantaneous. If you want it, you have to put in some effort. And what else are you going to do with all those ingots you’ve been saving anyway?


For me, I would like to actually upgrade the weapons I would want to use with the hero. Unfortunately, these often don’t match the weapons I need to upgrade for kingdom levels…
That said, I hope for lots of ingots from Delves since I don’t do PVP. Not that I use the hero outside of GW, but hey… I still like to be a completionist.


Im thinking their solution to ingot problems might be the Delve system coming next update. We’ll see how friendly that is with ingot delivery. Still think its silly you can buy 21 ingots from Raid/Invasion each week, but each new weapon needs 45 ingots. It feels nice to get them until you realize you’ll never catch up on any half-decent progress.


Crafting legendary ingots?

Seen to craft ONE legendary you need 10000 common ingots and 100000 souls i call this a nice joke, i wonder how many fell for it.

Tbh kinda same apply to traitstons, useful the same, seen to craft one arcane you need 2 celestials that are rare as arcane and much more needed, way better and faster spam explore.

The whole so called “crafting” (except troops) is nothing more than a bottomless resourcs sink for ancient players ans giant space whales.

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Then again, Delve might not be the solution. Going by the screenshots, we seem to be getting a bunch of legendary/mythic ingots. They appear to be one-time rewards for each faction though, you can only collect them once on reaching specific renown levels, similar to snotstone events. There’s also a few daily random ingots, if they use the same rarity distribution as PvP you’ll get a single useful ingot about once every few months.

Has there been any word if the boss chest itself can contain high-rarity ingots, at reasonable odds? One screenshot in the 4.0 Screenshots thread shows 3 legendary ingots as part of the loot, those might just be auto-collected renown rewards though.

I’m holding out for 4.0 before judging. Delving should help us all get more high rarity ingots, so perhaps it won’t feel so punishing. With the big patch so close, I’m not worried about this just yet.

There is no excuse to only release 2 legendary weapons for a new kingdom. They know exactly what they’re doing.


That was a great response. It does take time and work, but the game does reward you for your efforts if you keep on going.

Patience is a key element in Gems of War.

But to be fair River when you think about it, the Ingots weren’t well planned in first place, and i’m not talking about the Weapon Upgrades with sabbotaging effects.

I see it affecting the economy, from another thread:

Did the devs considered that introducing such costly upgrades would directly impact the amount of gold being generated lately? This plan can backfire in their faces, all players in general will keep playing PVP pursuing these ingots. Some newish/semi-veteran player needs a lot of ingots, even low rarity ones, and they too are generating much more gold now, too many legendary tasks being finished in guilds all around and that’s the design the devs choose…

I’m not sure if Delve will help at depleting our gold, because our access to the treasure cards, which we use to upgrade the hoards, is random and very limited everyday (only 3 delve Scrolls) which by design is ok, but as a counter/gold sink it won’t work until later i think.

I think once 4.0 hits there will be plenty of people doing the math to see how Delving works as a resource generator and as a resource sink. Give it time.


I have some theories, and considering the player’s experience i can imagine some outcomes that could be probably avoided if the planning for the Weapons’ Upgrades was a little more solid or if it had some mixed elements that could help players in all levels.

It reached a point where the devs shouldn’t even ignore/discard inventive’s designs choices/options anymore. The game is becoming more and more complex as a response to problems originated from the lack of new currencies with a longer life spam for endgamers.

Currencies with short life spam for Endgamers = Everything related to the soulforge.

The chest you win during the delve “can” have legendary or mythic ingots in it. They aren’t in there 100% of the time from my experience playing the mode.


The optimistic hope for ingots has been “Someday we’ll have a way to get more ingots faster.”

I hadn’t thought about what a crisis this is for new players. If it takes longer to get every kingdom at 5 stars than it does to farm Dawnbringer, there is a problem. I don’t want to assume a difficulty though, it’s going to take me some extensive crunching to figure out how much harder it is for a new player to get there today. So maybe I’ll do it, or maybe someone else will get there first.

Adding onto this…

The appearance rate of legendary and mythic ingots in delve chests would seem to be tied to the Delve Chest Level at the end of each delve (as one would reasonably expect). This would be a strong reason to max out the Quality of a Faction’s treasure hoard.

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