Pay to upgrade kingdom is weak

Can someone please actually manage your kingdom upgrades. Not only are kingdom upgrades locked behind book of deeds. But now it’s required to pay money to upgrade the kingdom due either to greedy intent or sheer ignorance.


I spent way too much money on this game because the original designer assured us stuff like this wouldn’t happen. But unfortunately like so many players have before him. Even Sirrian seems to have abandoned this game as well.

Give players a reason to stay instead of reasons to leave.


But when the Mist of Scales rework happen, there will be a new weapon, right?

A weapon that is only available during the paid kingdom pass?

A weapon that you can get by the end of that without paying anything.

Yea, I agree this is stupid. I would like to think that they will add these weapons to the soulforge at some point. Dunking money into the game just to enjoy some of its features as they come is something I already do but to come to the end of the road just to dunk some more so that I can say I’ve completed something is yes, again, stupid. :woman_facepalming:


How much commission are you on?

I thought I had flagged that one as spam; flagged again.

I just learned a thing. Monday wasn’t wasted! Thanks.